​Weaker By The Day

This is what happens when you haven’t slept for a few days. Hear people knocking on your mind door hustle hugs. I couldn’t make it up if I tried. ? #hustlehugs #minddoor #insomnia 
Before getting too far into writing, I want to make known that I have fired yet another Doctor.  This time the Primary. Finally, I can almost hear it being spoken in unison.  After so many nights of insomnia in a row and working diligently to put the website back together after losing everything, I cannot recall when I had called to get an appointment.  If it was last week or this. Either way, I called in requesting an appointment time. Described how I was feeling and told the receptionist that I thought my vitamin D levels were bottoming out again even though I’m taking 50,000 IUs a week. She wanted me to speak with the nurse so, I did. She said she would talk with the Doctor and call me back. I went back to the working on the website, thinking it would be toward the end of the day before I heard back. It could have been more than 45 minutes later the phones rings. Surprisingly it’s the Doctors office.  I answer expecting to hear the nurse on the other end. I was alarmed to hear the Doctor say my name. I responded accordingly.  And that’s when he let loose.  Let me see if I get this right after all this time.  Since I couldn’t live under the cloud of muscular dystrophy any longer, I needed to get up and “move”. I wasn’t going to get better until I did. Also I needed to stop living “from a pill bottle”. That there was no “magic pill” going to make me better over night. I chimed in there and told him I WAS NOT looking for a magic pill and I would LOVE to get moving again but I have no strength. He cut me off and argued that I have no strength because I won’t move. I yelled that I now couldn’t get from the bedroom to the bathroom without help. He started to argue back but I was done listening. I hung up. And washed my hands of him. If he won’t even take the time to see with his own eyes what condition I am in, then forget it. Not worth my time or what little precious energy I have left. Done! I don’t have time trying to convince anyone. Whatever this is is taking its weight in my muscle everyday. I wake up just that much weaker than the day before. 
We are our own advocates, are we not? Indeed we are! So, I took the bull by the horns and made an appointment with an Internist in Washington where the Neurologist is located. Same clinic.  Am scheduled next month. I do hope he is able to help me. Barring a miracle… goodness knows I need help.Not sure how much longer this old body is going to hold out.

The website was coming along like a breeze. Up until it came to the sidebars. Oh..and my crazy idea that it would be so nice to have unique information per site page rather than a cluttered Sidebar filled with a whole sites worth of information in one bar. That’s when the site has come to a halt and I’ve realized just how determined I really can be. Anyone out there that reads this by chance knows what I’m talking about and knows how to implement my vision, please get ahold of me. I’ve been working on the these things for going on 5 days now. I’m working with WordPress.org. and bluehost. I thought I had found my silver lining about an hour ago with a plugin called Custom Sidebars. However, I’m missing a step somewhere, because it’s still not working. *sighs*
I end on a happy note. Am down 5 more lbs. YAY!! ? I’ll take it. 

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