A Stroll Down Memory Lane: Chase & Lucas

Am missing my guys today, as everyday.  However, I choose to share a few stories I’ve held onto and cherish about my guys when they were just wee ones.  I’ll start with the Eldest, Chase:

Chase was two at the time and we were coming back from a doctor’s appointment from up North in a little burg called Bedford, Indiana.  His pediatrician practiced from there.  Oddly enough, he saw the same pediatrician I had some 20 years prior … Dr. Sorrels.  Coming back, I decided we would stop at Long John Silver’s and grab some lunch, as was our little routine.  We get inside, ordered, got Chase situated in the high chair and his food situated in front of his to his liking.  He was a picky sort about the way his food was presented to him.  He wasn’t picky about the actual food itself, but it did have to be visually appealing to him before he could eat.  Everything just so for my Chase and don’t forget the “sausy” (which was anything from ketchup, salad dressing, to BBQ sauce – you just had to know which one it was he wanted).  He was chowing down on his french fries and “sausy” when he finally picked up the hush puppy and began to study it intently.   Finally, he leaned over, tapped me on the arm and asked, “Momma, what is it?” as he held it up for me to see.  I explained it was a hush puppy, they were really good and I used to loved them when I was his age and still did.  The expression on his face became very curious as he brought it to his mouth slowly.  Then he stopped and brought it away to look at one more time.  He taps me on the arm again and asks in a very serious,  low tone to his voice, “Is this what they do to dogs that won’t be quiet?”

If you know Lucas now, you would probably never know that he used to be very shy and would never talk to a stranger.  Which makes what happened this day very out of the ordinary for Lucas’ behavior.  We lived in Clarksville, TN at the time.  Chase was at school, so it was just Lucas and me that day shopping at the local Piggly Wiggly.  We got our food items and made our way to the check-out line.  We had only been in town maybe a month or two.  My boyfriend at the time was deployed to Iraq, so it was just me keeping the home front going smooth.  I was putting the items on the conveyor belt and Lucas, who normally stayed right by my side, left my side that day and put his little 3 year old hand on the conveyor belt around the food items to get the cashiers attention with an ever so slight “Hey” every now and again.  Finally, he got her attention and she asks, “Yes, honey, what is it?”  He boldly peeks over the counter with just his eyes clearing, takes one step back and proclaims loudly, “My Momma sleeps whiff Army Men’s.”  I about died!  Plural …. “menS”.  Just the night before he had put his little green PLASTIC Army men in my bed and I crawled in bed with the little suckers everywhere.  He said it was to keep me from being lonely, which was awfully sweet of him!  But don’t go telling the cashier at the Piggly Wiggly … Oh my word!  I tried desperately to explain and she cuts me off telling me in a sweet southern accent that she, “doesn’t need to know my business”.  I know my mouth hit the floor when she told me that!  I couldn’t get out of that store fast enough.  Talk about embarrassed!  But, Lucas was very proud of himself that day for talking with that lady.

Oh the joys of having kids and the darnedest things they can say! 🙂

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