Baldwin Moisturizing Lotion Review

As a mother who strives to bring only the best into my home and to my family.  As well as a business owner, I know and understand the true value of an honest review.  I, myself, depend on reviews when making purchasing decisions for my family.  Not to mention, I, as a business owner, only exists thanks to testimonies and reviews from clients.  I guarantee a fully unbiased review of Baldwin Moisturizing Lotion.

DISCLAIMER/DISCLOSURE:  I received Baldwin Moisturizing Lotion at full discount in return for my honest and unbiased review.  I am in no way connected, obligated or otherwise related to the seller.  I am following TOS (Terms of Service), to the best of my knowledge.  More importantly, I know I am honest and have rated the product(s) fairly and without bias for the sole purpose of consumer information.

“Look not to the faults of others, nor to their omissions and commissions.  But rather look to your own acts to what you have done and left undone.” ~ Buddha on Integrity

Baldwin Moisturizing Lotion
Savvy Care for Men


Baldwin is a moisturizing lotion geared for men.  It is a day moisture cream for the facial skin to maintain the natural balance of the skin and help against environmental damages.

Baldwin is made in Israel using Jojoba, Argon oil, African Shea oil, and Centella Asiatic among other ingredients, which quickly absorbs into the skin, instead of parabens.

Baldwin doesn’t leave an oily sensation on the skin after application.  It absorbs quickly and has a pleasant, fresh, although not light fragrance that lasts all day.  Baldwin left my skin feeling baby smooth with no oily residue feeling.  Just clean.  I like that a lot!  I would prefer a non-scented version.  But, I do understand this is for men and is an after-shave as well as moisturizer.

For a limited time, you can find on the Baldwin site they are sharing a coupon if you sign-up on their web-site

What is there not to love about a 30 day money back guarantee, a company that loves and respects animals and the environment?  Why … nothing at all!  Is why I’m giving this one my seal of approval.

I love it!  You will too! Give it a try, you have nothing to lose with the money back guarantee.  




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