Bamboozled, Flimflammed & Swindled

Have been duped and deceived yet again.  Was told when I got Jax that he was two.  I’ve had him for a year, which makes him three.  Nope!  “Not so much”, said the Vet after his appointment for his rabies shot and once over to check out his nasty teeth.  That was the give away… his teeth.  I knew before getting Jax, due to extensive research on Yorkshire terriers, that their teeth are prone to be problematic if not taken care of properly.  Thinking he was only 3, I thought I had time before the real problems settled in and only had to worry with preventative care.  Once again … as the Vet said…

Not so much

Back story:  Had decided to take him to the Plaencia Vet Clinic, where Sis took her late dog Bruno.  They were exceptionally caring and sensitive with her during her time of grieving at the sudden loss of her dearly departed Bruno.  Although she knew his outcome was eventually coming to the end of his road here and heading over the rainbow bridge.  It happened more suddenly than anyone had expected after his diagnosis of canine ALS.  With Jax however, we didn’t get to see the same Vet as she had with Bruno.  Although this Vet was thorough, at nauseum, he failed to listen when I kept telling that Jax was a rescue.  He assumed I’d just gotten him.  So, he didn’t age him at all.  Which didn’t make sense to me.

At Plaencia it was going to cost nearly $700 to fix Jax’s teeth.  And let me be clear … it is extensive work that needs to done.  I’m sure that is a fair price for the amount of work it entails.  I simply can not afford that kind of money upfront and I can not afford to let poor little Jax to go on like he is.  I’ve had a tooth ache and I can only imagine the pain this poor fella is going through.  So, I did my research, phone calls and asking lots and lots of questions.  Finally found that the local Humane Society here in St. Augustine helps with situations such as ours.  So, last Thursday, we took little Jax into be looked at by their Vet.  They were SUPER with Jax!  Vet Rocky asked if I knew how old Jax was.  I answered, three.  She said, no.  I was taken aback and hung on her every word when she explained that with his extensive dental problems she aged him to be at least 5 or 6.  I wanted to cry!  Not that him being older makes me love him any less, not the case at all.  In fact, I seriously thought, the smaller the dog the shorter life span they had.  It broke my heart to think I wouldn’t have him for as long as I had originally  thought I would.  It took my sister reassuring me that it was not so much the case at all, but rather the opposite.  Larger the dog, shorter the life span.  She looked up that, if taken care of properly, they can live up to 16 years.  That gave my heart relief!  So for just shy of half t.he price as Plaencia, they are going to fix the poor little guys teeth and I’m going to have him neutered at the same time. No more humping of the pit bull that lives in the house with him.   

Speaking of Elliott., he is part pit yes.  However, I’m a firm believer the other parts of him are goat, gofer and Kirby vacuum.  He has practically got this place cleared of saplings, sticks and leaves.  He has recently moved onto clearing the creek out back of soggy sticks.  If you’ve lost something in the yard, give him some time, he’ll show up with it in a few days.  Bottles, metal lids, wire, rope.  I believe he’s found a Pyrex measuring cup and a bowl out there. Currently, it’s shells and walnuts that fascinate his chewing fancy.  I will get pictures and video of all this happening at some point.  But, I can not wait to show everyone how this dog will try to literally climb a tree to get to more leaves.  InSaNe with crazy madness!!  He has grown and filled out so much since I’ve been here.  He is nothing but a big walking ball of muscle.  However, he’s ever so gentle with me while Kristen is at work.  He knows I can’t be pulled around very hard.  Well, I can actually be pulled around by him like a damn rag doll.  I’d much rather not and that’s the part he understands … He is very gentle with me.  Thank goodness.  Because when I look at him, all I can see sometimes is my Nero. 

RIP Sweet Boy


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