FREE printable stickers for Big Happy Planner’s.  Adore putting these together!  Cattitude was so much fun with the attitude filled cat like real life and the solid colors of black and red.  .  Hope you enjoy!  Follow the link below and you will find the PDF file to print.  Your feed back would be greatly appreciated.  Please, do NOT share the link directly but link to The Enigma first please.  Thanks ever so much!  ~The printable’s are not for mass production or for profit.  They are intended for personal use only.  Thank you! ~


~Instructions for printing out your stickers:~

~Make sure that you have a PDF reader.~

If you do not have one, you can find Adobe here.

~When you are ready to print, open the file with your PDF reader.~

~To print select Letter Size (8.5 x 11) and make sure to select “without a border” and “Actual Size” otherwise your stickers will not be printed in their correct size.~

~NOTE: Happy Planner stickers will fit Mini planners if they are reduced in size 59-60% before printing.~

~You will want to print the stickers out on a 8.5 x 11 full size sticker paper. (I use Online full size labels 100 sheets.)  If you like you can print these out on a regular card stock paper and use double sided tape to attach to your planner.~

~Cut the stickers out with a straight edge cutter or a pair of scissors.~

~Print as many as you need.~

~Colors may vary depending on your screen resolution.~

~~~|||~~~ For personal use only! Not for resale! ~~~ ||| ~~~


Cattitude Download