My apologies!  Bluehost had informed me that I needed to consult with a developer and I did.  I found a wonderful lady by the name of Perri Collins from Collins Digital Media ( link to her site below).   She walked me through and put my site back together to being able to see it once more.  Am still working feverishly to put things back together.  My apologies!  Hopefully The Enigma will be even better than before once this is all over.  Sometimes everything has to fall apart completely before it can become compete again.   🙂  

Thank you for sticking this out with me!  If you have any words of wisdom as to why my whole account could have become “compromised” – Bluehost words – I am all ears.  I would love to learn how or why this happened.  Because Bluehost isn’t helping in that regard.



The Enigma - Homepage Art














New & Exciting changes at The Enigma. 🙂  First, a heartfelt thank you for the extra bump in traffic and numbers.  You are what make this possible to keep going.  Thank you ever so much!