Death of a Laptop

After multiple scans, un-installing and installing, along with defraging: The beast isn’t so beastly anymore.  My Dell Laptop has nose dived into the dirt. Am writing via tablet today. So, that means getting the site back in fully functional order is on hold till mid June, possibly end of June, till I snag a new one. 

The Dell had memory issues. It would jump all over the place when I would bring up Task Manager. Untill finally it clocked at 100% and wouldn’t budge. Imagine my frustrations while trying to still keep up with everything.  Toward the end, I could only have one tab open at a time.  It will still power on. However it locks during system start up.

The numerous security scans I performed with Viper didn’t show any sign of a virus. The malware scanner captured a lot. Rather it always did when I would perform a scan.  When the Dell first started to act up, my site would do crazy stuff.  For example; Not loading right, errors, actually leaving parts of the sites out, etc. Hands down the most aggravating of circumstances … A slow puter.

Poor, poor puter.  It putered all it could. Bless its ol’ chips. 

Now comes the hard part. Getting all my info off of it. I was in the process of downloading pictures on to a memory stick when it locked for the last time. It’s going to be an interesting challenge. Don’t know that I’m up for it.  Better sych myself into it.

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