Disgruntled Patient in Southern Indiana of Jasper Memorial Hospital

This time last week, I was in the start of complete and utter agony. I do not throw that word around lightly. Nor am I under any circumstance a wuss when it comes to pain. With that being said … I was, under doctors care, coming off of Neurontin slowly and at the end of the road with it. Then starting Lyrica and beginning the cycle of the body becoming acclimated with it. Was going to take the weekend, I thought, to be accustomed to not only the body but for my own routine. By Sunday night I was praying for someone to just come in and shoot me, I wanted to die. The pain was sheer agony. I couldn’t even have my earrings that dangle to touch my neck it hurt too bad.
Monday afternoon, the home health aide took me to the ER because the Doctor had a sick child and was not in the office. The Nurse advised me to go into the ER otherwise I was just going to hold out one more day. May as well held out one more day than to go to the ER at Jasper Memorial.
First, I do understand that laws prohibit and limit them in many ways when it comes to pain management. Be that as it may, it does NOT prohibit nor limit their behavior or treatment of the patient that is pain. This time … I have a witness to the behavior of the Jasper Memorial ER staff’s behavior. I was treated like a dime store crack head looking for my next fix. I was kept in there for 3 and a half hours writhing in pain with NO pain meds. I was unable to walk without assistance or a wheelchair. Was asked to give a urine sample at hour 2. Needed help getting to the restroom. Called for a Nurse. When one finally showed up 25 mins after the call, all she did was release the side rail and walked out the door. I call out Excuse me!! And thats when my Home Health Aide took over for me so that I wouldn’t go off on her. She then wheeled the chair in and stood behind the chair, not lifting the feet rests, but watching the clock while I barely was able to get in the chair alone. Finally I made it in and she wheeled me into the restroom right up to the commode, grabing a cup and wipes from the box handed them to me and said “you know how to do this, right?” I took the cup and wipes and told her yes. As she walked out the door she said pull the chain if you need anything. Pure unadulterated anger is what drove me to get  everything done in there without help. And you know what happened to the urine sample? We sit in the tiny little room for another hour only to find out because the Home Health Aide walked up at just the right time and finds out they have L.O.S.T. my urine sample!!! Within 15 mins the doctor comes back in and attitudes have done a 180. Now, I get pain meds. But … the wrong kind for me! They give me Tramadol!! The kind that can give me seizures. Hmm. But, as the Doctor comes back to reassure me, one dose isn’t going to hurt me, but she’s going to make sure to send me home with something different. But, my “urine sample looks fine”…. big shitty smile.
I look at the Patient Portal 36 hours later when I return home. There is nothing in the report for a urine sample on me. It’s all a negative value. How can it be “fine” if there is nothing but a negative value there??

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How bizarre, is it not?  Not to mention I was interrogated as to why I was seeing doctors in a neighboring county (Daviess)  instead of the county in which this royal blunder above occurred in.  When I answered, “I owe you no explanation as to why I Doctor where I do”.  I was given a very cold icy stare.  Then when asked in a rather very snotty and superior tone why would I need Home Health Care with “just” Fibromyalgia, I returned with the same, I owe you no explanation for my “Justs”.  I will however explain what brings me in here today, as I’ve been doing from the get go.  Beyond that, you get nothing from me.  Am so very thankful that I did actually have an eye witness with me this time.  As I normally go into the ER alone. 

Needless to say, the Patient Advocate was called and his attention was turned toward this one.  How in the ever loving world this hospital can advertise they are recipients of all sorts of awards is beyond me.  I have had nothing but shoddy doctors, bitchy and superior nurses and crappy health care at Jasper Memorial Healthcare Centers.  There are a handful that do not belong in that category, of course.  But they are few.  So, yes, I’ve taken myself to Daviess County. Where they take their time with their patients, they LISTEN and care.  Oh .. and they don’t lose urine samples then tell the patients everything is fine … Jeeze!

No wonder I’ve laid here for 9 months now and haven’t gotten any better.  Jasper isn’t looking for answers.  They could care less!

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