Glad that's Over!

What an absolutely hellish week this has been.  Sad to say I don’t believe the rest are going to be any easier before hitting the open road to Florida. 

Hell week started off as all weeks do … with a Monday.  Was anticipating getting more things boxed up and organized a bit more than the state it’s in right now.  I began by starting a load of laundry then away down the stairs I trekked.  Scattered a few things around.  Made an even bigger mess than what it already was.  Decided I would wait for the Home Aide to get here before I pushed around too many big items in case I got myself in a pickle.  I waited.  Waited.  Then waited some more.  Before long she was a half hour past time to be here and that was very much unlike her, so I bit the bullet and called the home office to inquire about her.  You see … she was fine.  It was a problem with Medicaid being suspended.  Yes, I knew my paper-work was delayed, however I never thought they would actually suspend Medicaid.  But oh yes … they did!  No more Home Aide, no more meals on wheels and no more Life Alert Button.  Great!  Just great!  I can most certainly live without those awful meals on wheels but the home aide was a god send and the life alert button was so very nice to have for reassurance purposes. All of this, because the bitties at the local FSSA office don’t seem to know what hand is doing what.  Apparently, even though it states the follow in #2 ….

One still must have the exact papers listed below.  I am in the quandary I am now because I read the information correctly and took it to mean what it said.  Therefore I handed in paperwork that stated the same information they were looking for but was not what they were asking for.  That is why paper-work was delayed.  Now, all of this paper-work was turned in back in October.  They only contacted me the end of December for everything to be resubmitted by turn in date being the 3rd of January.  Which everything was.  Now … original paperwork asked for this turn in but December’s paperwork request did not require it.  Until I received a separately mailed paperwork request with 4 … count them … 4 exclamation marks at the end.

Oh .. was I livid when I seen those.  How unprofessional!  That is not a computer generated form with 4 of those puppies on there like that.  Needless to say, I obtained the information needed behind those guys and took it into the Local FSSA office.  I kindly asked the lady taking the paperwork out of my hand if said paperwork was generated locally or up North.  She stated proudly they do their own forms there.  I said, “Good.  Just what I wanted to hear.  So then, tell me, who generated this form with all the exclamation marks at the end?”
“Oh, well … none of us here would have done something like that” … she quickly tried to recover.
“You just stated, proudly I might add, that you do all your own forms here.”, I pressed.
  She just stood there, blank. 

Had the worst bout of restless legs I’d had in a long time this last week.  48 hours and roughly 3 hours of broken sleep all done sitting up or walking around.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I was sleep walking.  Found myself waking up outside even and not knowing how I got there.  Alarming!  Took a tumble down the second set of stairs, woke up as I was taking down pictures off the wall then coming to a very hard landing at the bottom with my right shoulder and face.  Took yet another spill into my side table at the edge of the bed.  I have no clue whether I was coming or going on that one.  I just know it hurt and made a mess because of the Pepsi that spilled all over my head.  Off to the shower I went.  Wasn’t the smartest of ideas to try and take a shower when I couldn’t even figure out where I was half the time.  But, I made it through.  I have several very gnarly looking bruises on my right hip and shoulder.  Nothing on the face – thank goodness!  Wore a raw spot on my left foot from walking, maybe … I’m not sure.  I just know, it’s no fun having restless legs when your legs are too weak to hold you half the time.  Not a fun experience.  I’d soon not ever have that happen again!

Last … it’s not a good idea to have my 80 year old Father down as a point of contact anymore.  Got a call from him this afternoon half scolding, half him trying to leaving me a message because he got a call from one of my doctors today.  Now, I’ve given every doctor I have my new number.  And, thank goodness Dad doesn’t know the new one by heart!  Because, if he did … I’m sure I would be in phone scam hell.  He begins by telling me that “Your Doctor called” and they wanted to know how “the unit” was doing for you.  If ever a cartoon question mark popped up over my head, it was that very moment.  First question:  Which doctor, Dad?  His response: Your Doctor.  (Hmm… really narrows it down for me.)  Second question: Did you get a number?  His response: Don’t you have your doctors number?  (Hmm … I would if I had the name.)  He then gets aggravated with me and says, it’s the doctor that you got the new unit from.  Which one was that?  That’s the problem Dad … I haven’t gotten a unit, new or of any kind.  Well … he says, it’s the doctor you didn’t give your new number to.  Which one was that one?  Again, I’m stumped.  Because, I’ve given them all the new number.  I can tell by now he’s getting more and more agitated so I tell him I’ll just start calling around.  He likes this idea … a lot.  Ending the phone call with ol’ Papa-San and I quickly begin to make phone calls to a handful of doctor’s offices, all of which have not called my Father.  By now, I’m getting agitated.  I call Dad back and ask him to follow my instructions on looking up the number on his caller ID.  That’s why he has it.  He listens carefully, says he’s got it and will call back with the number.  Okay.  After about 20 min he finally calls back.  He says he has two numbers he didn’t recognize.  Brilliant … he starts to read off the first.  An 800 #.  Has possibilities.  The second he starts sounding off … I start writing it down.  Then, I realize he’s rattling off my very own number.  He ends and asks if either of those sound familiar.  I said yep … the second number is mine, Dad.  He says, Oh.  Then he chuckles.  Dad never laughs.  He says, was seeing if you were paying attention.   So, I go ahead and call the 800 number he gives me.  Its a guy on the other end, way too excited … “It’s your lucky day!  You’ve just won … ”  *click* …. Oh brother!  Well, the doctors office and whatever mysterious unit this is has not been solved.  I just let it go.  About an hour later, Dad rings back wanting to know if I had gotten a hold of anyone.  I said no.  He asked what those numbers were.  I thought maybe it was just a play on words, to see if I was paying attention again, so I just told him about the 800 number.  He asks, “What did you win?”  I thought … only you, Dad.  




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