I'm not screaming "Weeee" anymore!

This ridiculous round-ie round-ie ride my head has me on isn’t fun anymore.  I’m ready to get jump off now.  Someone tell the operator to turn it off, please.  They can’t seem to hear me while going around and around.

Wore the heart monitor the Cardiologist instructed over the weekend only to not be able to turn it in like I was supposed to on Sunday because I couldn’t stay upright without blacking out.  You know, that’s just a fan-FUCKING-tastic feeling!  I am thankful it gives me enough warning time to get to a safe place to fall down at, or rather should I say, on. 

Currently spinning … just thought you needed to know ….

These dizzy spells are so intense at times my eyes can’t even focus.  They go everywhere.  I can only image what I must look like when that happens. 

Turning the monitor in today, if I can stay upright.  Have an appointment this afternoon with the Internist that I do not want to miss.  Have to dig deep and just make sure I get there for this one.  Someone other than family members need to see what is going on and how I react during one of these intense dizzy spells.  Perhaps then they will take action?  One can hope.  If nothing else, and I don’t know that this is even an option, please give me something to counter act these spells.  Am quite fed up with waking up in rather precarious positions.

Will update as I know more.

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