Is He Serious Right Now?

I’ve been having severe right, lower abdominal pain for several weeks.  I’m in the 3rd week of feeling this pain. Going on a month come Monday.  No one is listening when I tell them it hurts to use the loo.  It just doesn’t hurt anymore, it’s down right painful!  So, I made an appointment to see the Gastroenterology Doc yesterday.  I couldn’t find my paperwork from the CT scan that shown colitis and the fatty liver but, I thought they would be able to pull it up seeing as how it was done at the hospital across the street from the Gastro office.  I couldn’t be more wrong.

I filled the nurse in on what had brought me into the office.  They always ask and you end up telling your story twice … once for the nurse another for the doctor.  She leaves letting me know she will let the doctor know I’m waiting.  20 mins later, Dr. Anis A. Ahmadi, M.D. comes strolling in.  I recount my story, letting him know there are two CT scans out there floating around and I couldn’t find my copies.  He leaves the room to tell the nurse to find those scans.  Which, I thought that’s what I had been waiting the 20 mins for as I too told her about the scans.  *shrugs* Moving on.

He comes back with a piece of paper in hand.  Just one piece.  He proceeds to tell me the “August 15th scan shows no colitis”.   He says nothing about fatty liver.  I keep telling him over and over how painful going to the loo is getting and he keeps repeating “The August 15th scan shows no colitis”.  At this point, I’m very frustrated, to say the least. Then, he asks, “Have you had any cancer?”.  I tell him no.  He then tries to tell me that I can’t have Lynch Syndrome without having cancer.  That did it for me!  I was talking over him by now, telling him my genetic test results were in my file showing a positive result in the MSH2 gene for Lynch Syndrome.  He shut up … quick.  I wanted terribly to reach over and smack him.  1) He didn’t listen. 2) He dismissed a valid aliment then 3) He tried to tell me I don’t have something I really have valid documented proof of.

Done.  I’ve only seen this doctor twice and that was one time too many for me.

I came home and signed into the Mayo patient portal and asked to be seen by one of their Gastro Doctor’s.  I’m done playing with small time, I need a home run hitter.  Someone who’s going to knock it outta the park.

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