You know you're tired when ….

You know you’re tired when you fall asleep in the most random of places.  It started out just falling asleep at the computer while working on this site.  No big deal.  Other than being slumped to the side of the computer tray in a heap like dirty laundry.  The boys walk by seeing me like this and wake me up and I can’t even move a muscle on my own to get out of that position.  This happened a few times.  Youngest makes me a wonderful cup of coffee one early morning.  I feel totally awake sipping my coffee.  The next thing I know I’m being scalded by coffee.  I’ve got coffee all down the front of me, on the bed sheets and blanket. I’m left wondering what in the world happened and shaking my head.  The pièce de résistance  … I fell asleep on the toilet last night!  Indeed I did!  With a loud THUD, I woke up on the floor.  Eldest  comes to the door asking if I was alright and if I fell.  I said yes to both.  He said that I unlock the door so he would help me.  I said no, I didn’t have my pants up.  He asks, “What?”, in an extremely surprised tone.  I put myself together and opened the door and told him what happened and he couldn’t help but chuckle. It’s okay … I laughed too.

Since having insomnia so many days in a row, I suppose this is my body’s way of catching up.  I would just rather not fall asleep so quickly and on the toilet, thank you.  Okay … moving on.

I have tried for several years to lose the weight that I had packed on from not being able to be active enough and that medications had helped me pack on along the way.  Have came off a lot of those weight gaining meds and with having cluster headaches the doc has me on Topamax, which has helped me lose the a LOT of the weight.  Goodness knows I’ve not been able to be active at all for half a year.  Exactly the opposite.  However, I have lost more weight in this half a year than I have all those past years combined. 

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