Mayo Day and the Brew-Ha-Ha

Yesterday, the 22nd of June, was Mayo Day.  The Mayo Clinic that is.  Ever so looking forward to finally being seen by the best of the best, as I was; the whole vision of answers was quickly taken away in a matter of a few minutes.  

I was scheduled for registration at 8 am sharp.  We left home in plenty of time to get to Jacksonville, even some to spare, in case morning traffic was bumper to bumper. I didn’t rest well the night before and had in fact been awake since 10:30 pm.  I dozed on and off as Sis drove.  I don’t like actually sleeping and riding, but I simply couldn’t keep my eyes open.   

Upon arriving on the Mayo Campus, parking was a problem.   I hadn’t read anywhere in the information that parking was $5 a day.  I missed that section in the brochures.  We didn’t arrive with cash and that is all the parking garage would accept.  So, Sis dropped me off at the Davis Building.  I went inside to find an ATM as she circled the entrance waiting for me to quickly get back.  The Mayo Campus in Jacksonville is by far the largest hospital/healthcare facility I’ve ever been to.  I felt frantic while trying to scope out where the ATM inside the hospital could be located.  Finally stopping at the Pharmacy to ask, the Tech was a gem and lead me right to it.  Cash in hand I made my way back to the entrance and my Sister who was still circling.  



Cash in hand I made my way back to the entrance and my Sister who was still circling.   Getting the cash to her at last, she was able to park.  While she was parking, I went ahead and registered in Davis Building.  After, I was instructed to make my way to the Cannaday Building.  The Cannaday Building was all the way on the other side of the pavilion.  Once we reached the Cannaday Building, it was time to register there as well.  After, we were directed to the elevators and instructed to head to the second floor east.  I even asked my Sister how in the world do we know which way is east.  But, directly off the elevator to the right was my final destination… Neurology and Neuro Science.

Checked in one last time and all that was left was to wait.  And wait we did!  The doctor was late and we were left sitting a full 45 minutes past the appointed time.  While waiting, a nurse took vitals in triage.  My blood pressure was a bit high at 170/107.  

At long last, it was my turn to head back.  We were lead to a small room with a full desk, a small couch, and an exam table.  We sat giggling to one another about a sign on the door about how the lights are movement sensitive.  If they happen to go out, “just move around” … then they would come back on.  

Dr. Tatium knocks on the door, comes in with an intern and introduces himself. Without wasting any time at all, he begins with the questions.  Until he came across my blood pressure reading from triage.  He then stopped and called in a nurse to re-take my blood pressure.  It had come down a bit, however, not enough to appease Dr. Tatium.  He freaked out!  I’ve not seen many docs to  “freak-out”  like he did, but he made mention he would feel bad if I had a stroke.  So, he ended the appointment and quickly requested I be sent to the ER to have them lower my pressure.  

Once in the ER and seeing the doc on duty there, he couldn’t understand why in the world the Doc ended the appointment and made me come down there.  The pressure I was experiencing was not so elevated that they could really DO anything for me other than give me half of my already prescribed medication.  What a colossal waste of time!  Upon leaving the ER, we made a phone call to see if I would be able to salvage the day and continue to seen. That’s a big fat neg-a-tory ghost rider!  

August 2nd is now the new date to be seen.  So frustrating! So Ridiculous!  


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