Mayo Week – Testing Underway

This week was Mayo week.  Seemed I was in Jacksonville at the Clinic quite a bit.  All for good reason and only to get a base line reading for everything.

Quickly, I must say first, their Online Patient portal is The BOMB!  I am diggin’ it!  They are so quick to post …

  • Lab Results
  • Radiology Reports
  • Medical Records
  • Messages to Patients

All from either on your computer or the app on your phone.  Yep … they have an app! Everything you need to know at your fingertips.  Quite nifty.

You can also ….

  • Make an appointment
  • Ask your doctors a question
  • Request a consultation

I know this is nothing new out there.  Most places offer this service now.  I was just gobsmacked by the app, really and by how quick they are to post results.  As many people as there are in and out of the place on any given day, I was not expecting to see any results for some time.  Pleasant surprises are nice!

Tuesday – August 8th, 2017 – 10:40 a.m.

Pain Management Consultation


Upon arrival, I watched a 13 min video where Dr. Sletten explained what Central Sensitization was and what the program they offered entailed.  At the end of the video (Watch Here), Dr. Sletten extended an invitation into the 3 week course.  If you, or a loved one, experience chronic pain I would highly advise watching the video and thinking over taking the course itself.  Dr. Sletten explains so well the process the body goes through while processing pain.  I am working on talking with insurance to get things lined up on my end to start.  To look into the course and the program more for yourself, here is the link to the Physical Therapy site at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL.

Wednesday – August 9th, 2017 – 7:15 a.m.

Neurology Procedure (EEG)

There really shouldn’t be anything to dislike about an EEG.  They are non-invasive. They do not hurt.  But I still do not like them.  I don’t care for the strobe lights in my eyes.  I don’t care to hyperventilate. I don’t even much care to do random math problems just to invoke brain synapses. In fact, I was falling asleep at one point during which the tech was asking questions and my answer was, “Pfftt … whatever.”  I quickly woke up with that answer and apologized.  I warned her I fall asleep at the drop of a hat … I simply do not stay that way long.  She realized quickly just how on point I was.  Compound all that with a case of restless legs during the sleep portion of the test and you’ve got mixed bag of nuts.  Or at least I did.  The tech requested that I “be still”.  At which point I wanted to reply back, “F*ck off!”.

Nothing gets to me more than having a case of restlessness and someone telling me to be still.  Really??  Do you seriously think I’m 2 years old with a case of ants in my pants??  All joking aside, I’m a grown woman and you believe I’m lying here squirming because I want to?  *raises eyebrow*  Something is wrong with this picture!  A huge portion of the reason why I was there in the first place is due to the restless legs.  It is completely involuntary movement.  I do not like feeling as if my bottom half should be cut off and let loose to run a marathon while my top portion sleeps peacefully. C’mon … gimmie a break! …. Letting it go … Goooose-Fraaaa-Baaahhhh

The report says: Throughout the recording there are no definitive pathologic epieptiform discharges or consistent asymmetries.  There are left side predominate sharply contoured wicket waves.

Wicket waves are by far the most commonly encountered benign variant and a frequent source of overinterpretation and mistaken diagnosis of epilepsy on EEG. Wicket waves are single waveforms that occur in brief trains or clusters. –

Britton JW, Frey LC, Hopp JLet al., authors; St. Louis EK, Frey LC, editors.
Chicago: American Epilepsy Society; 2016.



Saturday – August 12th, 2017 – 6:30 a.m.

Radiology – MRI (Brain) 

*sings in my head while in the tube.* Their scannin’ muh brain – scannin’ muh brain *stops singing that tune and thinks for awhile.*  *begins singing another tune in my head.* Their fryin’ muh brain – fryin’ muh brain *quickly tries to shew that one outta my noggin but it’s stuck by that point* ….

So much runs through this ol’ noggin o-mine at any given point in time, it’s rather a bit ridiculous really.   I can forgive others who have the same affliction and do silly things because they aren’t thinking clearly.  Truly, I can!  This instance I’m about to recall, I simply don’t know where this lady’s head was, but I do know it was in the way way out there.  Poor lady!  Before the MRI, I needed to use the restroom.  It being 6:20, or so … there was only my Sister and I and one other couple in the waiting room.  Empty to say the very least.  I made my way to the restroom assured there would be no one to bother me as I have a real phobia about public restroom’s.  I only use them in an urgent matter. And this was one of those matters.  Wasn’t going to lay in a tube for 45 mins with a bladder about to explode singing about my brain being fried.

No one else around, remember?  WRONG!  I no sooner start to relieve myself than the door flies open and I mean flies.  The stall door I’m in rattles nearly off it’s hinges.  I state, “Excuse me! Occupied!”  But, it continues to rattle with even more force this time, so with more oomph behind it I repeat myself, “EXCUSE ME! OCCUPIED!”  This still does not detour who ever this is that is clearly so desperate to get into this particular stall with me!  Finally the door begins to fly open the opposite way it’s supposed to.  I quickly reach underneath the door and grab the bottom of the door with both hands and nearly scream, “EXCUSE ME!!”  Finally, I hear … “Oh, I’m sorry, I used this one earlier.”  And I heard her say something about the door sticking as she walked to a different stall.   Are you fucking kidding me??  Was there someone in it the other time as well??  Because I walked right in here without any door sticking!  Maybe if you learned how to open a damn door and perhaps use a stall that isn’t OCCUPIED?  Wow!  Some people’s kids!


But, as Sis said, I need to let that go as well … so … Letting it go ….

Now I’ve got, “Let it go … Let it go …. ” stuck in my head.  Is it stuck in yours now too?  You’re welcome! 🙂



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