Preparing for Irma

This is the first hurricane I’ve ever been through.  The Bug (Nephew) and Sis went through Matthew last year, but the news is saying Irma is the worst hurricane since 1992 when Andrew hit the Coast.  St. Augustine got quite the hit last year with Matthew.  Irma is coming in full force and she’s going to be packing one hell-of-a punch.  

We are looking at having coffee with Irma first thing Sunday morning.  Glad I get up early.  Not sure how much sleep I’m going to actually be getting with all this prep left to do.  They have issued a mandatory evacuation but, we are staying put as of right now.  We have no where else to go.  So, I am taking a break between prepping and writing this.

It’s been a crazy world out there beyond our front door.  People lined up for quite a distance for gas. One man had the back of his pick-up filled full of large gas cans and he was filling up every single one of them.  The line to pay for the gas inside was just as bad as well as stations simply closing shop because they ran out.  People trying to cut in line to hurry and pay for their gas.  That is a hurricane approaching etiquette no no. We are all in a hurry here.  We are all waiting for the same thing.  You are no better than the next Joe, so wait your turn, Mister!

There were ladies in Wal-Mart fighting over the last box of Mac-n-Cheese! *boggles*  People get stupid quick when there is impending doom lingering out in the Atlantic.

I had an appointment yesterday and a few errands to run, but after my experience the day before … I canceled all appointments and decided I didn’t need those things to survive, so I opted to not even get out in this crazed madness that had fell upon St. Augustine.

Decided to take a few before pictures and those will be posted after everything is over with.  I would be a fool if I said I wasn’t nervous about the whole lot.  I for sure am!

I will update as much as I can until power goes out.  Conserving energy for necessities on the generator so it may be a good week or two before I am back fully.  So prayers and positive thoughts from everyone would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!  xoxo

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