Rearranging and Settling In

Although I’ve been here in FL for nearly a year now, I’ve not fully settled in.  It takes me awhile to completely settle, obviously.  I’m also one that likes to move things around every once in a while.  And this morning was nothing different.  I switched up my coffee station to the other side of the room and left the big window open.  Well … you’ll see.




Moved my coffee station earlier in the day yesterday and put the finishing touches to the room early this morning.  My Sister even helped me let go of my inner Ebenezer and I actually decorated a tree for my room.  This is the first tree I have put up in over a decade.  Wowisers, huh?  And what’s missing in this picture?  My boys …

The Holiday’s aren’t the same without the boys with me.  This empty nest junk is for the birds … they can keep it!  This Momma isn’t into it at all!  Am really missing them something awful.  I do my very best to keep as busy as possible, but the longing for them still creeps in.

                Lucas & Molly        Chase & Kennedee
My handsome guys with their beautiful significant others.

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