Starting a New Week

Last week was killer!  I would like to be writing about winning the lottery, jetting to Paris and getting lost in a French cottage in the middle of nowhere that just happens to have wifi. Hey … One can dream …

But, reality smacks me back down to earth.

Have been working relentlessly on the site all last week. Going through file after file to find what exactly happened to bring it down the way it was.  Bluehost tech support gets a big fat F from me. Google and my ability to use it properly was and is the only thing keeping it going.  I have zero experience with code, c-panels, HTML, databases, etc. (because the list of everything that had to be gone over with a fine toothed comb was incessant. Or so it still seems.). There are still tweeks to be made and the right combination of plugins to be found.  Wish me luck!  I’m going to need it. With all that said…

The Enigma, once again, is up and running with a new look and layout.  Was advised to change my theme, therefore I did.  But, I couldn’t leave well enough alone with that. Oh no!  I went and changed everything.  ?. I like it thus far.  What are your thoughts?   Leave a comment. Let me know.

Two reviews were to be completed this weekend and was feeling like stir-fried dookie ?.   Blood pressure is fluctuating in crisis level numbers once again.  Am sure is why I feel so yuck. Taking it easy, making note of my BP every so often and giving the doc a call today.   Wanted so desperately to be able to get into the Mayo Primary Care Clinic here in St. Augustine however, they are no longer taking anymore patients with my insurance.  Figures!  So, I got into the Primary Care Clinic that my Sister goes to.  Was referred right away to a Neurologist.  Decided this time, when the receptionist called for me to schedule an appointment with them & was rather rude, that I wasn’t going to waist my time with this particular doctor.  Sis and I decided to look up the reviews on this Doctor, just out curiosity sake.  Just as we both suspected … Disgusting to read a doctor respond to the reviews – not knowing exactly who the particular patients are – yet still accusing them of not getting their pain pill fix.  As much as I’m all for someone speaking up for themselves, I do not condone accusations of ones you know not exactly why they were at the office in the first place.  I’ve been down some pretty messed up and rough roads with doctors in the past.  I don’t wish a repeat.  I think I will make some calls of my own to Mayo right now to see if I need a referral to be seen.  If not, I’m going that route instead.  Just going to avoid as much of the BS this time as possible. 

*hold music*

Have to have a referral with the insurance I carry.  Of course I do!  Ugh … now, the waiting part.

In the meantime, I will share our outing pics with you from yesterday.

Sunny Day


Had a marvelous time until I hit that damn invisible wall that loves to follow me around.  Don’t understand at all how I can be fine … perfectly fine, having a wonderful, enjoyable time.  Then, out of no where … BOOM!  I face plant that damn wall every time.   I really didn’t know if I was going to be able to make it back across the road to the car from the beach without crawling.  Forever my right side just gives out.  I tell people about it, but they really don’t fully believe till they see it first hand.  Sis finally seen it first hand.  Only moments before I was smiling, laughing and having a grand time.  She witnessed how fast energy is zapped from me.  How quickly I become so weak.  How the weakness turns my muscles into quivering useless rubber bands around bone.  That’s simply all they are until I push them into being cramped up tighter than a drum.  That’s where I was at yesterday trying to get across the road.  Muscles on the right side were cramping, but I knew I had to get to the car.  That is the critical point.  Because I’m starting to panic inside.  Hate … with a passion, all that happening in public.  Embarrassing to say the very least.  Could barely get in the car when finally getting to it, but I did.  So tired of this.  Whatever “this” is.

Hope you have a great week! 

In Love & Light!



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