The Long Wait for Electricity

Residents of Florida are resilient people. They are hit time after time with disasters such as Irma and yet they stay and rebuild. That is dedicated — and a love for their location / city. St. Augustine has rebound quickly from Irma. That’s not saying clean up is done by no means however, the people joined together and put it back to running operations by Tuesday.

Not all residents have restored power as if yet, but FLP is staging linemen at the airport and it’s a wonderful site to behold seeing one of those trucks pass by. I do admit, I hope secretly inside they are going to restore power out our way — which is rarly the case.

We did however get word we may have restored power by the end of the weekend. That will have put us without power for a total of 8 days.

It is 10:00, 80° and muggy. All this standing water is a breeding ground for the mosquitos. The massive amounts of debris is mind boggling. It will take months to clean it all and have it back and semi looking the way it looked before.

What a way to start hurricane season.

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