The Madness Continues …

I’m not sure where I left off or if I even had a leave off point.  My brain is scrambled eggs at this point.  When will I learn when a doctor wants to strip me of a med that’s working for me to ‘try” me on a new one, that I need to stand my ground and say “No!”.  At the very least, give a good reason why other than being a sample pusher.  Schizoaffective disorder is not the disorder to play guinea pig with.  Especially when your doctor can’t even be bothered with a phone call from the office when things start to go way south with ones mental stability.   I made an executive decision for my own well being since I couldn’t get into see her for another week, and that was to simply go back on the Rexulti.  I’m sure she isn’t going to like that one bit.  But desperate times call for desperate measures.  Not going back in the hospital!

I do apologize for the 503 errors everyone may have been running into.  I do believe I have them taken care of.  All should be right in The Enigma world once more.  I couldn’t figure it out to save my life so I had to call in the big guns for this one.  I do so hope the changes will make a noticeable difference.

With getting the 503 errors fixed, am also in the process of taking all stickers off The Enigma and getting them posted onto A Little Bit of Doodle.  Keeping that all as separate as possible.   This way, those that are here for The Enigma don’t have to skip around stickers and those here for stickers don’t have to wade through all The Enigma info.  I’ve kept with nearly the same lay out so it will be easy to navigate through.  If you find anything that troubles you or feel could be worked a bit better, don’t hesitate to contact me … am open to suggestions.

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