Vet Check & Those Vicious Yuckies Lurking in the Backyard

I hear “Yuckies” and think of those Mr. Yuck stickers we used to get in grade school to go home and stick on all the cleaners Mom kept under the sink.  Who ever had that many cleaners under their sick?  I remember having Mr. Yuck stickers left to go on every item in the kitchen … especially those YUCKIE lima beans.

Now that we are living in Florida, there are more Yuck’s in the backyard than we are used to in Indiana.  Jax wasn’t used to going outside back home.  But here, he’s able to get out and roam around the yard.  Explore his surroundings a lot more than I ever would allow him to at the apartment complex.  There it was neighbors on top of neighbors, people driving way to fast through the parking lot and just an over-all fear of someone taking off with him as well as the creepy crawling things that lurked in the grass.  

Thursday, Kristen and I took Jax in to see the Vet and get him established as a new patient.  He was unsure about the situation at first.   Wouldn’t even take a treat from the Vet tech who was trying to take his weight.  ( Who by the way, scales in at a heavy weight of 5.4 lbs.  I think he’ll be beach ready in no time.  Speedo … here he comes! )  He’s all set on his shots.  Flea, tick and heart worm prevention are now on board.  Pollen is quite bad down here and Jax isn’t immune to it.  He had a bit of a cold in his left eye, so eye drops were in order.

Little known oddities … his little knees pop out of place in his back legs.  Doc says its common and there is nothing to be alarmed about.  He doesn’t seem like it bothers him right now, but perhaps as he gets older it might.  Cross that bridge when it comes.

Jax, for only being 3, has very bad teeth and will have to have 3 of his teeth pulled on the left side then regular cleanings to remove the plaque.  I knew he had very stinky breath, but had no idea his teeth were so bad. Poor little guy!

His Vet was very thorough.  If only I could find a doctor for myself that would be half as thorough.  I very much liked the Clinic.  They were all very good to Jax.  Even if he may not have thought so.

Afterward, we got him a baby kong to match Elliott’s kong.  Put some peanut butter inside and Jax thought it was the greatest!  He doesn’t play with the kong as he simply doesn’t play with toys.  But he loves getting peanut butter treats in it. 


Peanut butter in the kong made everything he had to go through at the Vet, not really okay, but … tolerable.  Bless his little heart!  

Hope you have a great weekend!  Until next time … 
In Love & Light, 













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