A Year of Resolutions and New, Exciting Changes

Have chosen the word resilient for my word this year. Been through major downs in 2016. Stuck in bed for well over half of the year. Each attempt to figuratively punch the gas on this ol’ body and just gun it through has been a very futile idea. No sooner do I think I may have a jump on whatever in the world is going on health-wise, I get a good smack upside the head from the other direction. What I get for thinking. 

Late-est … potassium deficiency. Which, when I read the symptoms, sounds very much like what I have been dealing with for months. Muscle weakness, paralysis, low blood pressure … to name a few. I do recall asking the Primary to test for deficiencies some months back. He tested only for Vitamin D, which at the time I was deficient in that even while taking a supplement. His answer to me then was there was nothing else he could do for me. He wouldn’t test for B’s or anything else because he said it “wasn’t necessary”. I’ll just be glad to get to the Internist in a couple weeks to perhaps get things going in the right direction at last. Starting with a complete blood work-up. I need to have a conversation with this new Doc that I’m not being a thorn out of sheer enjoyment. I’m miserable and there is absolutely no quality of life sitting within these four walls in this stupid bed. 

The Eldest and his fiancé decided last Thursday would be a good day to move out. They gave all of roughly 30 minutes notice. Needless to say, this week will be filled with scheduling transportation with a local taxi company. Possibly up the home health aide’s hours, will have to see about that one. Am hoping the Internist can help get me back on track and I will have some strength again soon so that I can keep up with things around here on my own.  Am so thankful the Youngest is still here, however … he is the biggest offender of the mess around here. It’s also easier pulling teeth than it is getting that one to help keep things in order. I have to remember it doesn’t have to be perfect.

2017 holds some new and exciting changes.  It’s just getting things in motion here to make it all happen.  I need about 15, in excellent working order, of me to get this place cleared out so that I can move on and start living for me.  It’s time. My time …

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