I’ve let time turn into days, then weeks … and nearly a month.  Never meant to be MIA for that long from this site.  Have had many irons in the fire at once to keep myself busy. 

Iron #1 – Enhanced the fashion site.  I have to change the links on this site yet so you can find it however, if you would like to see what it is all about it can now be found at A Little Bit of Doodle .   It has been so much fun for me!  Have branched out from clothes to trying my hand at interior design.  Am even playing around with some art ideas.  So, yes … it’s been a lot of fun.  Nothing I do on there is up to professional level by any means.  Am simply having fun with my love of clothes, shoes and hand bags.

Iron #2 – Is called Wilde Unknown.  Am currently driving myself mad with this one.  Have wanted to write a book for a long time.  Figured …  why not get to writing?  Am currently physically so exhausted I can hardly sit up long enough to write more than a paragraph or two.  However, I have thoughts and ideas galore spinning a cyclone in my head.  It will all even out eventually.  Anyone curious that would like to check that one out too … Wilde Unknown

Iron #3 – Currently going to physical therapy 2 days a week and working the strength exercises twice a day on my own.  I am determined to get out of this bed!  Also, after waiting 5 months for in home help, finally got the all go last week.  So a lady comes twice a week for 3 hours at a time to help me with laundry, shower, cleaning the room and putting clean sheets on the bed.  Am not one that does well meeting new people.  I was quite the ball of nerves.  But, she was very nice and personable enough for the both of us.  Was also hooked up with a Life Alert button … for those random gravity checks that still like to happen out of the blue.

No.  No answers in regards to why or what is going on.  Wore a heart monitor for 48 hours because of an abnormal EKG at an ER visit.  Nothing abnormal there.  Everything checked out fine.   EEG shown absolutely no seizure activity this go around, so the new Neurologist is wanting to ween me off of all anti-convulsion meds.  That’s to include Neurontin.  He says there are other meds out there for fibro pain however, he didn’t go over them with me, yet.  Dec. 1st I will be done with the Neurontin and go in for another muscle test on my right arm.

I think that about sums up the MIA. 



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