​Little Nuance Noticed at the Neurology  Clinic 

This room smelled like the old 5 & Dime we used to have in town when I was a kid. When we walked out, I passed an elderly lady in a wheelchair playing solitaire on a tablet her perfume reminded me of Bee. The owner of the shoe store that used to be just outside of town … Frank & Bee’s. (for the longest time I thought everyone was calling her Beans. As in Frank & Bean’s… ??) #longestcaptionever
I actually made it to today’s appointment at the appropriately scheduled time. I’m sure that was appreciated even if it wasn’t spoken. It was hard getting moving this morning. Every day seems to get just a little harder than the day before. Not sure, but I think that’s backwards. Supposed to get better… it’s supposed to be “everyday gets BETTER than the day before.” Pretty sure that’s how the saying goes. Forever putting my own twist to the old tried a true. However, this time I would dearly love to stick with tried and true. Not so much in the cards for me right now … maybe down the way.

The new Neurologist is a strange little man with salt and pepper hair, wire rimmed glasses and a man of very few words. He only wants the facts and if you could give said facts in yes or no responses it would make his day. I tend to use my words. And frankly, I don’t know who was more uncomfortable in that room, him or myself. He was more interested in hearing about PNES and I wanted to get to the bottom of why I have no strength. We compromised a tad. I agreed to an EEG since I hadn’t one in years, if he would do some real investigation into the laundry list of symptoms I rattled on about. It was a deal. He then asked if anyone had ever talked to me in the past about MS.

~And there it is. Was wondering when it would show up but, had no idea it would come out and play so soon. ~

I explained our little cat and mouse game we had with one another over the years. He was quite stunned to hear the word “years”. He was also just as perplexed as a lot of people were when they hear about the whole partial paralysis of the right side being chalked up to a cluster headache that was the onset of how I’m feeling this very moment. Signed a release of information form before I left today so that he may Sherlock Holmes the hell outta of some records.( I’ll be expecting to hear him call his Nurse Mr. Watson now.)

The physical part of the exam brought that strange little man much to inside my personal bubble than I liked. He wanted to look in my eyes with his handy dandy little light. He asked that I keep my eyes fixed and forward. So, I did. And he just kept looking in my eyes with that damn little light. He would bring the light down and look at my eye without it, the go back with the light. After what felt like an eternity…he finally takes a step back.  He asks, “How long have you had a lazy eye?”  News to me! Been the first time anyone has ever said anything to me about a lazy eye. At all!  Wonder why no eye doctor has said anything. Asked the Eldest if he’s ever noticed it and he said he has. He made mention that it gives me away when Im not interested in what someone is talking about. I asked how so? He goes on to explain, with emphasis, that my right eye will wander around like a bored 2 year old if someone hasn’t captivated my attention within the first 5 seconds of conversation.  Harsh!
Although, all together true…
November 1st was set up for a 2 in one day appointment. EEG in the morning, see the doc and get the results that very afternoon.  Awesome! Was added a medication to the party, but only if I have a migraine that I can’t bare. Imitrex 50mgs – anyone else take this? Upped the Topamax to 50mgs daytime – 100mgs bedtime. Am to not touch Ibuprofen at all. That’s a huge no no. He said that Ibuprofen can cause rebound headache*. Ibuprofen was only meant to be taken occasionally. At most, twice a week, especially for those with chronic headaches. *Mayo Clinic

At the end of the day, I had all 4 of my kiddos visiting with me tonight. Have been so enchanted with them talking, laughing and carrying on. Love when they just come hang with Momma randomly all of them together. Little moments like these are what keep me going. ?


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Sarah Jean

I can imagine this isn’t easy, but glad your family is there with you!


Thank you, Sarah! Having family close makes this life of being a medical animalia so much easier to bare. And thank you for taking the time to visit! ?