And the Hits Just Keep Coming …

When you’ve seen the slew of doctor’s I have over the just the last year alone and they all have left out vital details in lab and radiology reports, one can only be left to simply not trust their judgment calls anymore.  I’m left requesting copy after copy of said reports and questioning everything that sounds the slightest bit hokey. The latest … a bout of colitis that was left unmentioned.  Umm, excuse me?  I’ve been complaining of cramping, abdominal pain, and diarrhea for months now.  The CT scan actually showed colitis this time and you leave it unmentioned?  It took blood in the stool, terrible pain, another doctor visit and a suspected appendicitis before I was truly dealt with?  An E.R. visit (which have I ever mentioned I loath?  I have?  Oh, okay … thought I had, but wanted to just make sure I did.) IV antibiotics, a good dose of morphine, and a round of fluids like none other to flush my system and I did feel better a few days later.  But, c’mon … gimmie a break here!  I like my doctor as a person.  She’s very personable.  A real sweetheart.  But, she’s a right-round knob of a doctor.  I’m not sure if she has too big of a work-load and just doesn’t catch these things well or what the deal is.  How can a bout of colitis be normal on any day?  It’s not!  It’s painful!

The original scan was for pain around my kidney, so she ordered an ultrasound of the kidney’s.  It was my Gyno that ordered the lower abdominal CT for me because I complained of the cramping.  She was also the one that found out as a side note that I have fatty liver.  But both dropped the ball on the colitis.  Good grief, Charlie Brown! Both got the reports.

I’ve also had two people, one of which is very dear and close to me question if I’m manifesting all this.  The other blatantly said, “If all the reports are normal, you might just be a hypochondriac.”

Moving on …

So, I stroll into see my Psych doc on Wednesday to talk with her about how the Rexulti is doing for me.  It’s doing well I report.  No more buzzing about like a dragon fly for me.  If you have ever watched a dragon fly buzz about, they are erratic in flight and zig-zag everywhere.  That’s how my sister described me.  Not like a butterfly at all but a dragon fly. I digress …
We spoke more about odds and ends and she noticed my hand shaking as it does.  So she decided to put me on Cogentin, a medication to treat Parkinson’s for my tremor.  She explained I have more than likely been on all sorts of the wrong psych meds for years and it’s caused a build up in my muscles that is causing the tremors.  Anything to stop this awful shaking will be wonderful!  And thus far, it’s working miracles.  Then we went back to talking about Rexulti and how it was working.  I described a more organized train of thought.  My brain still doesn’t want to shut down, but I am so much more deliberate in the thought process department now instead of all over the place.

While I was talking, she was searching over notes in my file.  The she was searching over reports.  She then interrupted me and asked,”When did you find out you were diabetic?” I quickly said I had not ever found that out.  Then I questioned what she was referring to. She stated that labs have shown over time to indicate that I was diabetic and she wanted to know how I was being treated and what I was doing about it.  I told her I’ve only ever heard I could be pre-diabetic and that was back in 08′.  She didn’t like that.  Quickly she got out a lab work-up and began to circle off items she wanted done.  She stamped it with STAT and handed it to me with strict instructions of no eating or drinking after midnight and to get to the lab first thing in the morning, she wanted those results ASAP.

I felt the tears just well and before I knew it they were rolling down my cheeks.  She reassured me all would be fine.  I tried to explain it wasn’t all about the diabetes but a combination of so much all at once.  Physical and mental health combined.  She took the lab sheet back and circled to test my thyroid as well, said one could never be to cautious. I cried.  Not simply because of the diabetes. But because it has all been a little much at once.

I went Thursday morning for the labs.  Of course, I had to fast. Am currently waiting the results and see both Psych and Primary Doc’s on the 30th.

More to report later.



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