From Bed to a 2 Bedroom Move

The momentum at the beginning of this huge endeavor was nothing short of miraculous.  Things just seemed to work and play out the way they were supposed to.  Items were being sold.  People were stepping in to lend a hand.  It was awesome and I was overcome with appreciation. 

It is now coming down to the wire.  I have two weeks to finish this and no one around to lend a hand.  Everyone has just vanished.  Am left with no means to get boxes and when I asked a few people to pick up some for me, they were too busy.  So … problem solving skills really need to kick into hyper drive right about now.  Where is hope when you need it ….

Have a very dear Fibro Warrior Sister coming over Wed. morning to help me.  Together we may be able to put a dent in this place.  Who knows.  She has given me a glimmer of hope again.  Bless her heart!  Have also put out an S.O.S. so to speak to my local Facebook friends for box delivery.  Hard to get boxes when one doesn’t have a vehicle at their disposal.  

Had a bit of a break-down.  Well … more than a bit.  Was a full blown break-down.  I don’t have then physical strength to clean dishes every night.  The Youngest seems to think I still can.  I haven’t done dishes since April … May .. maybe.  I simply can not stand that long.  Therefore, after bitching at him incessantly to clean up after himself once he’s done in the kitchen, I blew.  Grabbed every dirty dish, pot, pan, fork, spoon, glass … thew it all away.  Gone!  Wasn’t going to take any of it with me anyway.  Was simply donating them.  Now .. they have been donated to the dumpster at the end of complex.  So over it!  What’s a move without a break-down anyway?

Tentatively have secured two movers on the 4th to help with the heavy lifting.  Mainly … getting the washer & dryer out and loaded.  One is a very good, long-time friend and he is going to try and secure a buddy of his to help.  Fingers & toes crossed!  Really want to take those with me.

My room has become the catch all for what is going with me.  I’m sleeping with baskets!  Baskets All OverI have a queen size bed but only sleep on a small sliver of it.  I swear it looks like an episode of hoarders in here!  Awful!  I’ll enjoy getting lost in the master suit at Sis’s.

When you least expect it and from a complete stranger at that.  A message comes in my inbox and reads, “Find your peace, Sister Warrior” … attached … a very generous donation!  To the good Samaritan and fellow Sister Warrior … I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity and may love and light follow you for all your days. 

Just like that, a simple act of kindness, completely transforms my whole outlook.  From a complete stranger.  Bless her, keep her and may her generosity return to her 10 fold.

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