Boxes, Stress and Heartrending Decisions

This week has been outright atrocious in all ways, with just a twinkle of unmitigated hope that is this muse I chase.

At the beginning of the week I had to make the absolute most agonizing decision.  Considering the move, I simply can’t take Leo and Oromis with.  Kristen’s furry companion, Bruno, simply despises anything of the feline purrr-suasion. Considering it is his home, I simply couldn’t bring myself to ask they make an exception.  Or put the all animals involved in a situation to simply throw them together to “get used” to one another.  That would cause considerable distress to the whole household.  I made the heart-wrenching decision to surrender them to the Humane Society.  I was assured they would find good homes.  I cried such big, sloppy tears.  Was so thankful the Eldest was there with me.  Even Jax has felt lost without them.  I will cherish this picture and my time with those two for all time to come.

This is what happens when you spend an abundant amount of time on the computer with a breakfast tray.  I only just got this tray back in August when I became bed bound.  Needed a way to keep up with everyone online and sitting with the computer on my lap was just not cutting it ergonomically.


This isn’t quite cutting it ergonomically either.  Rather a bit whopper-jawed.  Don’tcha think?  This is a sign that I spend entirely too much time on the computer.  However, as I have been recently dubbed, I am a geeky nerd.

Last week was a great start to the ever wonderful, inspiring hope that I do so chase after.  Momentum was there, as well as energy.  I too got in the mix and helped a bit.  I could not last long as my stamina is not, as we all know, up to par.  I have sold the wooden living room furniture.  Every bit that leaves just peps me up that much more.  That may sound a bit backward to some.  Yet, it feels rather freeing to be rid of a lot of worldly possessions to me. To start anew. Fresh.  However, the thought of having to possibly leave it all behind is simply gut-wrenching and makes my stomach knot. 

I used to be so attached to my “things”.  The thought of having to give them up was simply out of the question even a year ago.  My sister and I have talked and joked at length about become old maids with one another.  Look at us now!  Become exactly that.  Frankly, even a year ago, when we fancied moving in with one another, she would tease endlessly about my ample apple collection and admiration to the color red.  She has great enmity to the color and would not ever decorate with it.  Shall I say, red flag?  But, I am parting with my apple collection.  It’s been a good 10 or more year run with them.  Time for a change.

The eldest came over today and boxed a lot of the smaller items up in the living room.  Things are getting done rather quickly.  Time is passing quickly as well.

Final note:  I started a GoFundMe.
Rather very bad timing, no doubt, right after Christmas and all … to ask for monetary help.  I do apologize and I don’t quite know very well how to ask properly for help.  But, if you could, find it in your heart to even give $5 it would help greatly.  If enough donated $5 a piece it would add up quickly.  Thank you so very much!


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