Changes on the Horizon for The Enigma

First and foremost, let me apologize for not being around much these last 12 days.  I am having the site optimized for numerous obvious reason therefore I have stayed away thinking that would help speed up the process for them.  Not so much.  I have a complicated case … and when don’t I?  So, that’s why I have been silent.

I am bringing the site out of hiding and utilizing it once more.  Everything sticker related will be coming out of that site when it finally transfers over and I get it completely set up.  The core concept and the fundamentals will still be the same.  Will still have Freebie Friday’s – No worres! 🙂  I will be removing the stickers from The Enigma site soon, as it is slowing down the response time of this site by quite a lot.  Also, incorporated into is another site called and that one is pretty self explanatory.  That site will be The Doodle Shop where different sets of stickers may be purchased if so desired.  Now that I put it out there in print it all sounds a bit confusing, but I hope once implemented it is not so.

As for me and the happenings of all things Enigma like.  The doc has decided to take me off the Rexulti because of the tremors.  Cold turkey off Rexulti and on Vraylar.  I was to start out on 1.5 mgs and she gave me 3 mgs capsules.  Hard to half those without half going down the drain.  But already I don’t like this one at all.  I’m having break through auditory and visual episodes.  The info says it can take up to 2 to 3 months before I get the full effect of this medication.  I’ll be back in the hospital if I wait that long!  That just seems like cruel and unusual punishment.  Already I have no focus and no real direction to my thoughts.  They are just thoughts coming at me a mile a min.  The whole flight of ideas junk.  It’s the UPS man syndrome once again.  I wonder if that’s why I prefer to sleep?

Going in to see the doc today and hopefully get some answers.  Am also having swelling in the left leg below the knee down.  No idea why.

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