DIY on a Dime Room Air Purifier

DIY on a DIME Time
Plants are Nature’s Air Purifiers.

Do you know that certain someone who is a houseplant enthusiast?  You know, the one who can grow orchids through harsh Northern winters indoors?  Yeah … that one.  I envy that green thumb of theirs, plus their green toes.  Because you know those have to be green as well to grow orchids.  

Personally, I have a light green thumb.  I am allowed to grow only a certain list of plants and not to deviate off that list.  If I do, those poor sweet green lovelies turn brown and wither away.  That just tears me up to see.  So, I have all but stopped.  Until today … dunt, dunt, duun.

 The tropical climate here in Florida is prime growing conditions for many of the houseplants that I adore.  Take a gander at the Pothos plant growing outside here at Two Peas Big Oak Hide Away …  I have never seen leaves on a Pothos so big!


  The Crotan, for one, is an absolute favorite of mine and has been for many years.  They grow outside here in FL like wildfire. (Not on my list to grow.)

 Another absolute must have in any house I’ve ever lived in is the Spider Plant.  My Sister has them edging her flower garden here.  Yes, outside!  They are absolutely gorgeous with baby sprouts everywhere.  

Oh yes!  The DIY.  Of course.  First, you will want to find a family member, friend or neighbor
trimming or pruning their plants.  A good starter plant is called a Pothos or Devil’s Ivy.  It can grow in soil or in water.  Heather Rhoades has outlined everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Pothos here.  WARNING: Pothos ARE poisonous, yet not fatal, so please take caution around young children and pets.

Items needed:  

  • 1  glass bottle, vase or jar – {your preference}
  • Plant clippings of your choice – {Pothos and Ivy are used in this how-to}
  • Water – {tap is fine or you can use bottled or filtered if you prefer.  Not too hot or too cold.}

Picking one green jar,  









I then clipped the pothos vine just below a leaf.  









From the clipping point up 6 inches, I removed any other leaves but left all roots.  








Beyond the 6 inch point, I left all leaves but removed all exposed roots to the stem by clipping as close to the stem as I could without clipping the real stem itself.  (Removing the exposed roots out of the water gives the roots in the water more energy to grow.)







Your result should look something like this with water in it.









Plants are not only aesthetically nice to look at and complement the look and feel of a room well. It is proven science they purify the air we breath indoors by absorbing gases through their leaves and roots.  This process is called phytoremediation. ~ Live 

This is today’s DIY on a DIME project at The Enigma’s homestead.  I decided to put the pothos in large milk jar and put the ivy in the green jar.  I’m not sure the ivy will take this way.  Is an experiment.  Will let you know if it works. 🙂

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