It Felt Like a Filofax DIY Placeholder Kinda Morning



Thought about making this a step-by-step, but I do not have the traffic for that as of yet.  So, I will leave that for another date.

Had fun with the construction paper, scissors and glue stick this morning.  All of this before 10 am!  Yes, when you go to bed at 9 pm and wake at 2 am because 5 hours is your max amount of sleep your body has allotted you to sleep for your age, this is what transpires before 10.  One full pot o’ coffee in me and a pink heart placeholder is what is created.

I have been awarded the Awful Mother award because I used materials that were supposed to have been used in my sons scrap books some 18 and 15 years back.  Shame on me!  The Eldest’s book has one full-page and the Youngest’s book is empty.  Does having supplies older than they are counted toward effort?  No?  I tried!

I even made my very own Filofax binder dividers out of construction paper.  With each little side project like these are my wish list grows.  I’d love to have a laminating machine now.  Those construction paper dividers are not going to hold up long.  But, I had enough paper to make 3 of each color.  Of course, when working with a mini Filofax you don’t need that many dividers in one binder, so I have some to spare.

Was indeed very pleased with the way it all turned out.  


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