Feels Like a Good Day to Stay in Bed.

I’m trying my very best to stay Southern, but the Northern in me just wants to lay it out there all frank like. So, here it is … I feel like shit, you guys!  Now, if only I could say that made me feel better but, it didn’t.  Still feeling all stir-fried.

My insides are screaming at me today.  Started with a swift clobber to the right kidney area about 7 this morning and I’ve felt, well … you know, since.  When I say clobber, I mean it.  Brought me to my knees!  Sis had to pick me up off the stairs.  Let me back track a bit …

Wednesday I seen the psych doc I was scheduled with out here for the first time since leaving Wekiva on the 18th.  At first I didn’t feel I was going to like her.  Can’t really explain why that is, was just a hunch I had.  But, about 5 mins into the visit, that little Italian lady had me as if she’d just fixed me a huge plate of spaghetti.  It could also have been that she said, “Don’t worry!  You’ll never have to go to Wekiva again. I’m taking care of you now”.  That equaled spaghetti to me.  She also switched me from Resperidone to Rexulti.  Gave me several sample boxes, scheduled me for next month and out the door I went in better spirits than I’d been in practically all the years of therapy combined. Amazing what a plate of spaghetti can do.

Yesterday was the day for scans.  CT of the abdomen and pelvis, along with an echo of the kidneys.  Kidney’s were to have been echoed first, but things for turned around and the CT with contrast was done first.  No biggie.  Old hat to me now.  Then off for the echo. I’ve been having a very heavy feeling in my abdomen and pelvic region for some time now, for lack of a better way to describe it.  Along with sudden, sharp, severe pain in the right kidney area.  So both were just precautionary to check everything out.  Of course, I didn’t see the CT, but I seen two spots, one on each kidney that the tech can not tell what it is. Has to wait for the doctor’s call on those.

So, here is sit … in bed, wishing I had a heating pad and also wishing my inside would quit rolling around like they are at a Stone’s concert.  Marvelous way to start the weekend.  Have a good one for me!



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