It's Going To Be A Long Morning

Loathing this time of year every time it rolls around.  My compromised immune system simply can not ward off all the cooties that are floating any which way they please.  Just wish they would float as far away from me as possible.  However lovely that sounds, the exact opposite happens … they float directly to me.  I catch everything!  Currently dealing with terrible chest congestion, a couch that can rattle windows and clogged enough sinuses not even an auger could clear them at this point.  My head feels so full, it could explode!  Nasty, nasty cold.  Of course, I’m the last to catch it.  It has ran the gauntlet of the household.  At first I thought possibly I had dodged this one.  Oh … now.  Really?  I really did!  I’m bringing up the rear.  I believe had my youngest practiced good health hygiene that his Momma taught him and covered his mouth around me when he coughed, I would have been fine.  But, NooOoooOOoo.  He has to invade my fortress of solitude with his cooties of sheer and utter misery with a double dose of nasty to boot.  Have I mentioned how big of a baby I am with a head cold?

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Seen the Internist today about my right knee.  Am tired of hurting while walking.  Deep, sharp, stabbing pain runs from the middle of my back down my right hip into the cheeky cheek, down the back and side of the right thigh continuing down into the right knee where it will cluster into a tremendous amount of pain at a time.  I’ve seen local doctors about this problem in the past.  All they ever wanted to do was stick me with HUGE needles.  No, Thank you, kind, Sir!  See a different Ortho doc for his opinion in a couple of weeks.  However, in the mean-time I am to wear this brace at all times except for the shower.  It’s the latest in brace fashion and the pink lounge pants just bring out all the colors in the brace.    There was significant swelling of the right knee today.  Which, this will probably sound very odd, but I am so glad there was.  It’s usually my norm that none of my symptoms arise while I’m at the doc’s office.  Now it’s the leg brace, wrist brace and CPAP mask to sleep in.  Good Lawd!  How’s a person to sleep with all that hardware on?


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These two are arch enemies when it comes to the cozy underneath of the lap tray.  Neither of them share well and they used to fight for rights to it.  Now is a different story, for some reason.  However, if you shuffle your feet, you lose the tray underneath.  Without fail … if one is under there and happens to leave that spot, the other is quickly right there on stand by to take it over.  Is comical to watch.


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Who in the world has ever heard of spaghetti with green beans, peas and carrots in meat sauce??  Well … I haven’t.  I can say I wouldn’t feed this concoction to my dog!  I tried to doctor it up with enough cheese to back up a hippo and so much salt it would give me just enough dementia to not remember what I just ate.  Still nope … couldn’t even eat it that way either.  These are the meals on wheels that I get.  So far, I’ve only been able to eat the breakfast items, except the pancakes … pancakes are a no go too.  YUCK!   *green face*
Am going to ask if I can switch companies.  Not sure how that works but it’s worth asking.  All they can tell me is no.


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Eldest finally brought me some Pepsi.  Was getting so tired of tap water it wasn’t even funny.  This whole relying on others to bring what I need and want is for the flipping birds!  I’m literally at the mercy of others whims.  That just turns my stomach. 

I recently wanted something to drink other than tap water or black coffee and the Eldest didn’t feel like going to get it.  I felt pretty good that day and decided I could go on my own if he didn’t mind me borrowing his car.  He actually let me, so off I went.  The convenient store is just down the road a little ways.  I did okay getting there, but was losing strength fast inside the store just getting a fountain drink.  Paid for the drink and got back in the car. By the time I pulled off the highway and back onto the side street to the complex my right leg was shaking so bad just trying to push the gas pedal, it was awful.  I made it back into the complex and parked the car.  Yet, I still needed to walk back into the apartment.  A journey … let me just say.  Made it back inside but I needed the Eldest to help me back upstairs.  Sad state of affairs.  Can’t even drive to the convenient store without petering out halfway back.  Is why I don’t normally drive anymore.

So, for comfort, I now have Pepsi, blueberry cheesecake wax melts in the warmer and a supply of Medrol for the inflammation in my knee.  By golly … today is going to be a good day!







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