It's the Final Countdown…

Feel like breaking out in a little Europe!  Have finally got my closet looking like a closet and not a -throw it all in there and hope I can close the door- room.  And yes, to me, it’s a room .. big enough to be one.  Can’t believe I had all this stuff in there!  Actually have 3 tubs of clothes that were put in the very spot they are sitting in now when I moved in and have not moved in nearly 7 years.  If I didn’t need the tubs, I would just donate it as is.  But, really need the tubs they are in.  Thursday, the lovely daughter-in-laws Mom and S.O. are coming to help bag up and haul to St. Vinny’s for me.  Am excited!  The Youngest keeps telling me to “Chill, Mom”.  I won’t be able to fully “chill” till all of this is done and simply waiting to be put on the truck. 

January 28, 2017
Progress is happening folks!  Three out of 4 closets have been completely gone through.  Numerous bags of trash and donations out the door.  All that is left to get rid of is the couch, loveseat and an old twin mattress.  Am getting very excited and nervous at the same time.  Am not looking forward to this 14 hour drive ahead of us.  So don’t know how Sis and Company are going to do it driving up and turning around, driving right back.  I believe possibly we will find a place for them to rest up on the 3rd after their drive up and the truck is loaded.  But … before I get ahead of myself, check out this closet!

All donations have been taken off.  All that is left is what they won’t take in.  Off to the burn pile they go today!

This side is what is going with me.  This is but a quarter of what was actually in this apartment at one time.  Am coming across things I had completely forgotten about and felt great to be able to just say … donate it. 

Left now is the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.  All that is coming out of each of them is the bare minimum.  Today, Tessa & Trent, the daughter-in-laws Mother and her S.O. are coming back to finish up helping with the big items for me and taking the un-donateables to the burn pile.

I will be glad to slow down.  Body is screaming at me.  Next month I will be able to take on a slower pace. 

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