I've Completely Lost Count …

Have had a steady headache, working up to a migraine, throughout the weekend.  Would have a slight reprieve here and there.  And with those, I would sit and make the most of what time I had to improve upon the site, check this and that, read articles, edit pictures, etc. Probably should have just been resting however, I rest all the time and after resting for half a year, I’ve become quite antsy. Not to mention, my brain won’t seem to shut down. It runs full throttle all the time anymore.

Can say I’ve only ever had a handful of times where a headache has gone into the migraine category, or what I would call a migraine. But, this one is for sure going to fit in the category of migraine.  Had only fallen asleep a little over an hour ago and was woke up because my head laying on the pillow hurt too bad.  That’s pain.  I don’t normally get sick to my stomach with them. Mainly noise and light for me.  This one however has covered all the bases.  Sheer exhaustion is starting to set in.  Believe it’s time to try a Imitrex.  I sure hope this helps. I’ve got to find some relief.

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