Jasper, Indiana – Seven year Resident Review

Part I

As a native of Southern Indiana, I do hold a candle for this area of the Midwest.  The City of Jasper held many great opportunities for my little family and I back in 2010.  When it was first decided to relocate to this little burg, the school system, of course, was a major factor in the decision.  Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools are ranked high in academics boasting a 96% graduation rate.  Of that 53.9% earned Honor diplomas and 5.6% earned General diplomas.  Those statistics are a couple years old.  But not too shabby, eh?  Is exactly what I wanted my boys to be apart of.  What any Mother wants for their children.  A good solid education packed onto that foundation of common sense we are instilling in them daily.

Jasper, the county seat for Dubois, is nestled between a good balance of rolling hills, dense forests and farmlands that surround the city limits. Enabling a balance of urban and metropolitan living in one location.  Rarely will you see anywhere else a Jaguar and a John Deer be beside one another at stop light in the middle of town.  All the while the air be malodorous of manure while trying to bar-b-q on your back patio.  Living within city limits with a soy bean or corn field across from your very back yard and during the planting / harvest season dirt just bellows filling your home with a soft covering of dirt dust like nothing you’ve ever seen.

With approximately 13,500 citizens, Jasper is known as the “Wood Capital of the World” due to the many furniture manufacturing companies.  The community itself boasts over one thousand firms from small business to major national and international corporations.

As with any small town (and no, I’m not going to break into John Mellencamp’s ‘Small Town’) you are more often than not going to run into someone who knows someone else.  Or rather around here, it’s who you are related to and what your last name is, rather than matter who you know.  So, be careful who you talk about and to whom those loose lips fly.  You just never know who’s related and who isn’t until it’s too late.  Yes, this advice comes from a place of experience.  

This is the first installment of an extended review.  Next time, I will cover culture, climate, hospitality and a bit more in depth reviews of a few of the local businesses. If you like what you are reading, follow the links provided; cast your vote, follow and subscribe.  Until next time …




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