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Our families DysFUNctional rules.  We love to have fun around here, if you haven’t noticed.   These are the house rules.

Thus far, I have accomplished unpacking and semi putting everything away.  Am still not fully settled.  That takes more than a couple weeks when you are incorporating two households with two completely different tastes in decorating styles.  A co-worker of my Sister’s asked her not long ago if her and I have had a “big fight” yet.  Her answer was, “We don’t fight with one another”.  He thought there was something wrong with us.  Her and I had a nice giggle with that one.

Next item of business … 
No longer am I apart of the Wininger clan by name.  Decided a long time ago, that when the boys completed school that I would go back to Pierce.  Now … I am not only by blood a Pierce, am legally on the Federal level a Pierce once again.  That was first order of business once I got to Florida.  Start anew.  For 24 years I kept my ex’s name.  I’m sure his wife will be delighted that I no longer carry the title Ms. Wininger.  I for sure know that I am tickled.  While moving I ran across his baby picture in a little locket and his class ring.  I couldn’t believe I still had HIS class ring!  Crazy madness … just realized with that number above that I was a Wininger longer than I ever was a Pierce. 

Pardon if I’m jumping around on this one.  So much to write and no real time yet to really sit and focus on a real blog post.

Am currently in the process of putting my room together just the way I want it.  It’s coming together nicely.  This is just a sneak peek of things to come.



New bedding pattern. Simply adore it!


Not big on perfume candles yet, this one has won me over.

Now … the exciting part!

My Nephew, my Drew Bug, has agreed to show off his cooking skills on a weekend vlog that will be shown on The Enigma under Zen’s Country Kitchen.  Although, am going to change the name to something like Drew Bug’s Soulful Kitchen.  Something.  I’ll collaborate with him on the name.  For now, let me give you a picture preview of what he does for a living.  

Above is bacon wrapped meatloaf with fried broccoli.  It was heavenly!  He is quite skilled at his craft and puts a lot of soul and love into what his does.  You can taste it! 

Of course, what’s a blog without Elliott & Jax?  


That Elliott keeps me on my toes all day long.  I get a break when Andrew wakes till he goes to work, then I’m babysitter again instead of Aunt Ceci.  But, he’s still just a puppy, if you can believe that.  A 45lb puppy!  I think he’s going to be a big guy.  

Jax wears a little bell on his collar to be able to keep track of him better.  One day last week I kept hearing his bell jingle and couldn’t figure out what he could be doing to make that little bell rattle like that.  So, I followed the sound to investigate.  The above picture is what I found.  Jax’s collar in Elliott’s mouth.  Eaten up to the first spike!  Holy Moly!  This babysitting job is harder than I thought it would be! 

He gives me this look a lot.  “What’s it gonna be, Punk?” …. 

Then of course, who can deny a face like this one peeking at you from behind the screen?  I sure can’t! 

Jax runs so hard all day long keeping up with Elliott.  He is hilarious to watch when he nods off to sleep standing up!  I have to capture that, but I will.

Until next time everyone!  
In Love & Light







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