Matters of the Heart

Haven’t done a health post in awhile.  With everything that’s been going on, I’ve personally been trying to just not think about it.  However, I live in it everyday.  Frankly … it’s been a mixed bag.  About like Indiana weather, if I don’t like how I’m feeling, wait 10 mins … guarantee I’ll be feeling something different.  Sometimes better.  Sometimes worse.
After running in crisis levels on and off with my blood pressure, for several years now, I am happy to say it is finally within safe levels now.  Seen the new Primary Doc, Dr. Eli, once here and he prescribed a beta blocker.  That was all it took to bring my levels back to normal.  At it’s highest recently it was 168/116 pulse 118  that was at 5:30 a.m. after just sitting up in bed.  This morning at 6 a.m. it was 122/78 pulse 86.  I’ll take the latter numbers any day!

This week I’m in the middle of scheduling for two stat appointments. First it was to see the GI specialist yesterday to schedule the yearly colonoscopy for Thursday the 23rd and then tomorrow a cardiologist.  Not quite sure why I’m to see the cardiologist nor the purpose for the stat appointment with them other than I have petechiae around my left ankle that caused a bit of concern to Dr. Eli.  It does look better now than it did when I seen him.  And it even looked better when I seen him than what it originally did a few weeks back.  This is something I’ve had on and off for years that no one else seems to pay much attention to.  Shrugged it off, matter of fact, on too numerous of occasions to keep count.

Those are the primary appointments for right now.  Have a neurologist appointment in the works at the Mayo Clinic that I’ve not gotten word on as of yet.  Maybe this week I’ll hear something.  Really needing that appointment.  That’s one that can’t get here soon enough because I’m losing eye sight again.  That will forever be alarming.  The tremors haven’t stopped and at times are quite annoying.  Of course, the pain is a given.  
Today’s Cardio appointment didn’t tell me anything.  Instead, I wear a heart monitor for 30 days this time instead of only 48 hours.  
Also, with my blood pressure now regulated properly, I am no longer able to smoke.  Makes me sick as a dog.  Pretty much woke up and couldn’t smoke anymore.  Is a very good thing!  
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