For those of you reading that know us, hello friends and family! For those of you that do not; hello as well and my name is Cecilia. Let me introduce you to my beautiful sister Kristen. Her and I say that we are two peas in a pod. But,…my pea is starting to shrivel.

As most of you know, 2016 was a very rough year for me medically, physically and emotionally. From a potential stroke that landed me in ICU in mid-april , to unrelenting cluster headaches, to possible adult on-set myotonic muscular dystrophy, to spells that rendered me so weak I couldn’t walk without assistance, to last but not at all least, finally becoming completely bed-ridden. It all took such a toll on not only myself but the boys as well. Though I have made remarkable strides within the last few months to regain some mobility, I am no longer able to care for myself on my own completely and I can no longer in good conscience ask the boys to take care of me when they are at such a pivotal point in both their young adult lives.

Where does that leave Mom, you may ask? With my loving sister, Kristen and all the allure of St. Augustine, Florida. She is my forever rock, Bless her giving heart!! Plus, I will only be an hour South of the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and quite possibly some real answers to these lingering medical questions, as we all know Mayo loves cases like mine.

With all of the above said, I humbly reach out to you for aid in getting myself and a few of my worldly cherished possessions down there. I maintain on an already stretched fixed income and have already started to sell what things I can to put toward the move. 

With funding, I hope to hire a local moving company here in Indiana to help get what things I am taking with me down South.  Also, Kristen will be driving up from Florida to pick me up and drive me back down.  Am hoping  this too will be able to fund her fuel back and forth.

We both would greatly appreciate any assistance you could send. Thank you so much in advance from the bottom of our hearts! Many blessings! ❤

UPDATE 1/9/2017:  Received the estimated cost from the movers last week and it was unexpectedly outrageous. $5200 was the upper cost and that was with a VERY condensed 1 bedroom apartment with no kitchen included.  That was roughly the cost my Sister paid to move from California to Florida approximately 5 years ago.  I know inflation plays a part, but that big of a part?  I must be completely out of touch with society.  So, donation request has went down considerably to $3500.  That cost will include Sis’s trip to Indiana for mine and Jax’s pick-up, a Uhaul trunk rental, fuel for the truck and Sis’s car to travel from Indiana to Florida, eats for all 3 of us, (no Jax’s isn’t driving the truck! -lol We have a generous anonymous donor of their time to make the drive for us in the Uhaul truck), enough to pay 2 men in Indiana to load the truck Friday night / Saturday morning and pay for 2 men in Florida to unload the truck.  Shew!  Chronic illness, old age and shallow pockets do not all go together when it comes to moving.  By the end of it, I may have two nickles to rub together.  Kristen better find her a nice, independently wealthy man to marry that doesn’t mind having a sister-in-law living in the pool house out back.