My Crazy Brain

I believe it’s infected with squirrel-itis. 

Squirrel-itis is the act of distraction while doing just about anything.  While working on a project with a tight deadline and you have so much to ….
                                                                                     ~ SQUIRREL!
Or talking on the phone and during an intense conversation about a very sensitive subject …


All day I have been working on several different projects, trying to complete at least one of them without my brain running off on its own screaming SQUIRREL.  That’s why I fear it’s squirrel-itis at its finest. 

Can a person have ADHD as an adult?  I can’t seem to focus at all …

[img attachment=”2293″ align=”alignleft” size=”medium” alt=”tumblr_mkyfmjpm2c1qzfsnio1_500″ /]

Hey … wanna coffee?






I’ll be glad when they can possibly figure out what in the world is going on.  This is getting ridiculous.


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