How Does One Stay Zen When Everything Seemingly is Falling Apart?

That is a really good question!  Because, frankly, I’m so un-Zen now, it’s not even funny.  Aromatherapy, meditation, deep breathing exercises, stepping away … all very effective techniques when dealing with high stress situations and none still even touch a fraction of what I’m feeling as I type.  I’m going to end up Goose-Fra-Ba’ing myself into a coma, if I’m not careful.  

For the past 6 days I have been feverishly and diligently burning the midnight oil trying my level best to undo what ever has happened to my sites.  Ultimately all that hard work ended up being for not, as I would forever attempt to log back in after catching a few z’s to everything I had done being undone.  Insert manic scream here  And why keep fixing it, you ask?  Well, I didn’t want to transfer over a hot mess to a new host.  Would you?

Until finally, this afternoon, I had an epiphany.  I’ll not transfer over a mess at all.  In fact, I’ll not transfer over anything.  I’m going to start anew!  Yes … a fresh, new start.  All my media files are gone.  Oh, I have several still in my dropbox, cloud, and other online places, but that is a lot of work that I am just too tired to try to put into it.  No, The Enigma is still going to stay the Enigma, however, it’s going to finally have a set niche.  Instead of being all over the place.  I’m still going to incorporate recipes, household DIY’s on occasion, self-care and what-nots here and there, but my focus is going to be more on Lynch Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and this mystery illness yet to be determined that makes me randomly pass out, spikes my blood pressure to crisis levels and causes debilitating weakness to where I have days I can not even put weight on my legs and they hold me.

Alas, as wonderful as starting fresh sounds, I’m not sure how that will look in my standing or ratings?  Views / thoughts?  Maybe I should bring over my files to the new site?  

So, for now, bare with me while I get things to leave this hosting company and prepare to move on to better things.  I will make sure to keep communication open and this site running as much as I can, or should I say hosting company will allow.  I have to wait till next month’s payday for the move.  In the meantime, I will be getting files ready to move over, searching for long-lost media files as well in hopes of piecing it all back together.  I hope a month is enough time!  If anyone has words of wisdom, encouragement or tips please do not hesitate to bombard me with info.  All will be welcomed and appreciated!

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