Ring Around the Rosie?

The heart monitor showed up today finally.  Never heard of them mailing them to the patient before, but … that’s how this one arrived.  Putting this one through the paces.  Have registered numerous dizzy spells, one black out and a seizure.  Woohoo!  Way to sock it to em’.  

Have went to the extreme with the blood pressure.  Was at critical levels for so long.  Am no running on lower levels now.  Talking 94/64 pulse 74. Granted that is at resting.  However, I find that still a bit too low.  I could be wrong but, I’m glad to be seeing the doctor on Monday.

Speaking of doctor, it will be a different doctor.  Have fired the Primary already.  Am not going to be wasting my time this go around.  Only giving a slight read of what happened the last week, but I had the worst headache I’d ever had for a week and they wouldn’t fit me in.  E.R. trip half-way through the week gave some relief with oxygen treatment, then they administered pain medication that about made me go mad.  It gave me restless legs something awful and I guess they all thought it was cute to watch me pace and squirm,  because nothing was given to counter act it.  Finally I was released and able to get home to take a couple Mirapex, a hot shower and left to pace until my legs gave out.  Finally was able to fall asleep only to wake up with the headache back and was it ever angry.  It finally went away on its own but what a miserable week.

Have come to conclusion that I am in dire need of a walker.  Some days are good and others you can find me crawling from the bed to the bathroom. Only to not be able to muster the strength to get back in bed again. Possibly a hover-round would be nice as well.  Sis’s house is substantially bigger than the apartment was and getting around while light headed has posed nearly impossible at times.  The hover-round is a long shot, I know, but would be nice.  Is a lot better than calling in a wrecker or a crane to get me back in bed.

Am so disappointed in myself!  Have gained 14 lbs back since getting here.  I feel it too.  As sad as it sounds, I wasn’t used to eating a full meal every night.  Sis makes sure I’m fed.  Which is wonderful of her!  I am not complaining in the least.  I love her to death for making sure I’m taken care of well.

I do apologize for the choppy post.  Have been in a major brain fog since the headache.  Not able to think.  With that, I will end this one.  Take care!

In love & light,

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