Decided on the name

The Enigma

for a two part reason. 

1) I am a carrier of Lynch Syndrome, which is a genetic mutation in my DNA.  Therefore, the…

Wrapped in a DNA Encoded Riddle

 By definition,  Lynch syndrome is an inherited condition that increases your risk of colon cancer and other cancers. Lynch syndrome has historically been known as hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC).  Click the button below to be taken to Georgia Hurst’s site called I have Lynch Syndrome for a plethora of knowledgeable information on Lynch Syndrome.

 Georgia does a marvelous job of explaining Lynch along with educating the masses of what Lynch is, who is at risk and how to go about getting tested.  Please take some time to read over her site.  The more people know about Lynch, the better.

2) I was under another genetic mutation in my DNA scare when I started this blog in August.  The Ophthalmologist had found what she called a Christmas tree cataract in my left eye which is indicative of Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy.  I once again under went genetic testing (simple blood test) and am very thankful that I can say that I do not have MD. 



♥  Had the stars not aligned just so that fateful day in Georgia. And had that handsome fellow below not pressed his silly making face up against the glass of that lovely lady’s office window while she was working. I wouldn’t be here to write all this out.

The two that made The Enigma



With all the love in the world they had for one another and for us kids, it doesn’t lessen the fact that I am not out of the murky water yet.  Since mid April I have been on a downward spiral.  Today, I barely have use of my legs and very limited use of my arms.  Have spent half a year in bed with no answers.  I am 2 Doctors down.  Meaning, I have fired 2 so far and I’m not afraid to fire more on this odyssey for answers.  There is one out there within a 150 miles radius of me that has to know what is going on.  And I intend to find them.  *Update:  I have since moved from the Midwest to the South near the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida.  Am now located in St. Augustine and currently in my 6th month of becoming a proper Southern Belle.

So, what are you getting yourself into?  Well … this is what you can expect from …

The Enigma

Real day to day living with chronic illnesses. How I cope through humor, perseverance and lots of love. And how I don’t cope, because you know we all have days like that too. I am 100% real. And rarely sugar coat anything.

Journey through my medical odyssey of finding new doctors in a rural Midwest town.  And how I find my voice to be my own advocate through adversity. It’s me and Jax against the world, darlin!

Last but certainly not least of all, how I grow as a person being less independent and learning how to lean on my children for so much more.  Maybe you can teach an old goat new tricks?  And how utterly amazed and grateful I am to have them!


If I have learned resilience, I have learned it by watching our Mother fight and survive cancer 3 separate times, with 3 completely separate types.  And witnessed the 4th type slowly take her from us. She fought valiantly yet with the quiet grace that was so her. There will never be another like her. The mold was broken with that one.  For all that I am, for all that I strive to be and for all that I could ever hope to be but know that I’m not … I owe to that very, very special lady I call  

Mother. ♥





For those wanting to know more …