Sneaky Snakes

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times since I’ve shown up in the South.  I’ve been citified! Yes, that’s right…. Gone are the days of flopping my feet in Creek. You will not catch me anywhere near the creek out here.  Oh, I’ll stroll a short distance away from the edge to take a peek at the ducks  but you will not catch me sitting on the bank with my feet in this water out here.  

Today, I’ve swore off checking the mail ever again.  Walking down the driveway this afternoon I caught the tail end of a HUGE black snake that must live in a clump of fan palms at the edge of the drive.  Nope! I know what you’re saying right now …I don’t care what other critters that bahemoth eats. I loathe snakes.  I try very hard to keep it together when I see one however, it doesn’t work.  Something inside me says, “Nope. Notta. Ut uh. No way. Notahappanin.” Then I shudder and my feet scramble around in this weird cartoonish way that I can’t control. All involentary movement, I kid you not. 

Same weird thing happened this afternoon only this time I added a quick turn around and book it back to the house.  It’s not even summer yet.  All the snakes I’ve seen so far at the benefical ones to a yard.  That means those not so nice and benefical ones are lurking out there.  I’m most terrified that Jax will come across an easily angered venomous snaked. He’s so little, it wouldn’t take much …. I can’t even write it.  You get the jest of my apprehension.  Moving on.

All of us in this household have this inate fear of those things.  I, on the other hand, am the only one that can’t seem to be beneficial other than to scramble in a cartoonish fashion.   The Nephew can and usually takes care of them.  We’ve had two around the house so far and one around the gate onto the property.  That’s plenty for me.  I’m good. Thanks!  Sis doesn’t like them but she can suck it up to remove them.  No … Don’t look at me.  Citified, remember? 

I’ll leave you with this visual of Fred Flintstone bowling.  ?

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