When You're Strange

Strange Indeed …

The Eldest and his Lovely moved out before Christmas.  It was time.  He need not be looking after his Mother at only 21.  Being so young.  Just starting out in life.  He needs to be thinking of his own future and that with his fiancé.  Am proud to announce he is doing such that.  He is planning on attending school in the fall to study botany.  They both will be attending school in Indianapolis.  She was accepted into IUPUI.  Actually she was accepted into all 3 schools she applied to however, IUPUI has the better program for what she is wanting to study.  And I apologize … It has completely slipped my mind what that is at the moment.

The Youngest will soon be blazing his own path.  He is still very much undecided where that path will lead him.  As his Mother, I know inside I’ve given him all the necessary tools to make his own way.  I do so hope he uses them wisely.  Mistakes are a given, from both.  Yet, I do hope they are very few.

The Eldest made headway on the packing for me this weekend. Oh, to be able to move, do and go with such ease and deliberate determination again.  Took him no time at all to remove every apple item I had within the home, box it up and set it with the other things to be donated.  Not to mention the rest of the “pretties” I so adore that are going with me.  This week I plan to organize a bit better and separate everything accordingly.   Then it’s onto these closets I have.  Or I should say, the catch-alls.  Not looking forward to this part at all.

Another, glorious week!  Hope it’s a great one for you! 



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