The Big Oops …



and the art of backing up your work.  Can not impress upon anyone reading this that is new to blogging, has been blogging for years or is simply just thinking about starting a blog.  You must always back up your work.

For those of you that have followed from the start, am sure you've noticed that the site looks different.  And I do hope for the better!  I wish I could say exactly what it was that I did to flush all those hours of work down the crapper, but ... I can't.  And I didn't only lose all that work once or even twice.  Oh no!  I lost it all a whooping 3 times in less than 48 hours.  Talk about needing anger management.  Shew ... wasn't pretty or lady like the words and phrases that were spewing from my mouth.

I had logged off for a nap and that was nothing different than I had done on several occasions throughout days past.  When I was semi rested and ready to get my nose back in the screen, WordPress didn't recognize my login information.  I thought perhaps I was still half asleep or just groggy.  Decided I would take a bit more time to wake up then try.  An hour or so had passed and I decided to try logging in again.  It let me in that time, only when I got to the dashboard, everything was gone.  I was flabbergasted!  Sat here staring at an empty site with an astonished look, I'm sure.  Wanted to cry when the realization everything was actually gone finally came over me. Was on the phone straight away with WordPress tech support.  Spoke with a Darryl and he was able to restore all the information I had for me and I could finally relax some.

Sat here for some time just looking over everything making sure it was all there and it was.  I then click to go back to the dashboard.  My computer lagged out for some reason and I recall at the time thinking that was odd.  But, I didn't really think anything of it.  Simply sat back and waited for it to quit "thinking", as I call it, so that I could finish working on a new menu.  Finally the dashboard pulls up and I kid you not ... it was completely gone ... AGAIN!  This time, I just shut the computer down and laid down thinking I needed to build up my strength for this next go around.

I didn't even touch WordPress at all today.  Nearly afraid to touch it for fear I would do something else to it.  Finally, this morning I worked up the nerve to log in and just rebuild.  I took the time that I was away to do a lot more research.  Needless to say, a security plugin was installed first and foremost before anything else was touched.  No wonder the blogging community are such an organized bunch.  I will become that way as well.


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