The Many Adventures of Chronic Illness Continues

This week has been yet another test of fortitude in the land of chronic illness.  Adding a few more to the ever-growing platter set in front of me.  I say platter because the plate I once had is now full and setting to the side.  They, whoever they are, say you are not given anymore than you can bear at one time.  I say, lay off dag-nabbit!  My burden is heavy, my yoke is full and my shoulders are slumped from the weight of it all.  Let me get through what has already been put on my Herculean tasked shoulders, then more can be added.  I’d prefer if more wasn’t but, if more must … please just let me get through all this till the New Year.  Jeez.

Onto the list …

  1. 3 bad teeth:  It all started with my teeth.  I had one tooth simply shatter while eating popcorn one afternoon.  That was a first for me!  This year alone my teeth have went downhill something awful.  The Dentist is stumped as to actually why.  I’m chalking it up to the severe vitamin D deficiency I’ve battled for years.  After popcorn  incident, two more teeth became infected and the whole right side of my lower right face was swollen.  I was in some pain with those two.  Have tried twice to get into the clinic to have them removed and each time have missed the extraction day.  A trip to the ER for Penicillin VK 500mg and prescription Ibuprofen 800mg along with an ER doc all too eager to cut into my mouth to relieve the pressure but, was disappointed when he seen it wasn’t abscessed quite yet.  Shew!
  2. I had not ever taken Penicillin before and it torn up my insides.  That little problem every woman has down there when taking an antibiotic happened.  Along with that, I felt as if I had a UTI brewing as well.  I don’t play when it comes to either one of those so a walk-in was made to my Doc.’s office.  Upon testing the sample, it showed no trace of a UTI,  So, they are sending it off to the lab to be further analyzed.  I should have results in two to three business days.  In the mean time she thought it possibly just a spastic bladder.  Just to be safe, she discontinued the Penicillin and put me on Cipro 250 mg till the results come back.  Once they return, if it shows no sign of infection, I am to discontinue the antibiotic.  She also prescribed Diflucan 150 mg to take care of the other problem as well.
    This is the second time I’ve had a spastic bladder since being in FL.  Such an uncomfortable feeling.
  3. Another bout of optic neuritis has befallen my right eye.  This time, it has taken all but a quarter of my eye sight.  I am only seeing out of the lower left quadrant of the eye.  The rest is simply dark on the field of vision test the Doctor administered.   This is roughly the 7th bout of optic neuritis I’ve had since onset in 2015.  An appointment is set up with the Mayo to have this checked out in December.
  4. The fatty liver issue is finally going to be looked into at the end of November during a 5 to 7 day testing process at the Mayo.  I was accepted in just last week and set up with the first appointment for after Thanksgiving.
  5. Next week I see the psychologist at the Mayo and hopefully get to the bottom of how I can curb these manic episodes in the morning.  Waking up with scattered thoughts and not able to keep focused is rough.

Really tired of being sick and tired …

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