The Twilight Zone

I fear I’m losing my ever loving mind!  I don’t know what’s going on but I’m sure the twilight zone music is playing in the background of my life somewhere.  I’m losing time like mad.  And I do not need help going any more insane in this crazy broad brain of mine.

Was on the phone with a friend this morning.  Nothing any different than any other morning.  So far so good there.  The next thing I know, I’m trying to pick myself up from the heap I’ve become to the side of the computer tray on the bed with phone in hand.  And I didn’t lose just mere minutes.  I lost this time! 

Yes, I’m quite sure I was just asleep.  However, I wasn’t even tired while on the phone.  I don’t recall even closing my eyes.  As a matter of fact, I don’t recall ever ending the phone call.

Indeed, I called the friend up again and asked if we had ended our phone call this morning.  Of course, they were quite perplexed as to why I was asking because in fact we had ended the call.  I explained what was going on and they were a bit speechless.  Only a bit because this friend always has something to say.

I chalked this up to another fluke passing out moment that just ended with me taking a nap… *shrugs*  only explanation I’ve got.  Might you have better to offer?  If so, I am all ears and eyes for reading.  Onward …

We end the phone call and this time I remember doing so.  It’s mid afternoon by now, so I set up once more to continue working on A Little Bit of Doodle website. *POOF*  This time I’m in a heap on the other side of the computer tray and roughly 30 minutes, give or take, had passed.  I know this because the same show was on the channel. 

*Cue the creepy Twilight Zone music*

[img attachment=”2287″ size=”medium” alt=”eye-twilight-zone” align=”aligncenter” linkto=”none”]

Really … ??

Getting a bit tired of your antics brain, heart, body … whatever you are doing to make this happen … STOP IT!!

It’s pretty damn frustrating to debate going to the bathroom when everyone is asleep for fear you’re going to pass out and not be found till someone wakes up later.  Or … heaven forbid one treks downstairs when no one is home and possibly fall down the stairs because your silly body has decided it’s a good time to re-boot mid-step, therefore falling and breaking something.  Who’s controlling the damn remote on this thing anyway??  An angry two year old?  Take it away already!  For the love of all that’s holy and such …. PLEASE … get it away from the mean little shit!

So, if you happen to receive an inaudible phone call, a noncomprehendible text, some off-the-wall message on FB messenger … any of those wonderful ways of communication we have now.  Just know my crazy broad brain has come out to play and is running the streets of Greensboro, NC, naked as a Jay-bird, ( if you can catch that silly hooker, put some clothes on that bitch, please! ) hootin’ and holler’in running a-muck.  A-muck, a-muck, a-muck.

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