Think I took a wrong turn …

[img attachment=”2021″ size=”medium” alt=”This is no beach. Wearing flip flops in the ER.” caption=”This is no beach. Wearing flip flops in the ER.” align=”alignleft” linkto=”none”]

this doesn’t look like a beach to me! 








I need a beach.  Sun.  Sand.  Salt air.  The sound of the waves crashing. Sand between my toes. 
Yep … that’s exactly what I need!

[img attachment=”2022″ size=”full” alt=”beach” caption=”Can just hear the sound of those waves crashing.” align=”alignleft” linkto=”none”]







Instead, I’m stuck laying in the ER with my flip-flops on and there is no sand in sight here.  Plenty of alcohol swabs and gauze if you’re in need of any of those type things.  I’m in bay 2 for the 4th time this year.  They stick me in the same room every time.  I’m in here this time because I can’t tell if I’m falling asleep at the drop of a hat or passing out.  And I’ve got a ton of pressure in my head.  No pain.  Just pressure.  My BP is through the roof.  200/115. 

[img attachment=”2026″ align=”aligncenter” size=”medium” alt=”feeling terrible and out of it.” caption=”feeling terrible and out of it.” /]

They hook up the IV and get fluids pumping.  Put all kinds of electrodes on me.  Hook me up to the EKG. All those damn electrodes for a few second test.  Then they leave those things on you to itch.  Or in my case, they hook me up partially to another machine that monitors my heart. Probably because my BP is so high.

[img attachment=”2027″ align=”alignleft” size=”medium” alt=”Gotta love em … ” caption=”Gotta love em … ” /]









Of course they run labs and take tubs of blood.  Then another lady comes in and tells me she’s going to take blood from my wrist.  Ahh, I’ve had this one before too.  Yes, the one that goes through the nerve to the artery to check the oxygen levels or something like that.  Either way, it smarts.  But, she doesn’t do too bad.  Didn’t hurt.  A little uncomfortable through the nerve but once through that, smooth sailing.  Or, I’m just so out of it already I don’t care.  Maybe a little of both.  Nurse comes in for a urine sample.  Wants me to use a bedside commode.  Forget it!  Bed pan?  Nope.  No way!  Not this time.  I’m taking my rear end to the rest room.  And I did.  

[img attachment=”2028″ size=”medium” alt=”20161011_010444″ align=”alignleft” linkto=”none”]








Next was the CT scan.  Had to take all my hardware out.  Piercings.  That was a chore!  Got back and it was an even bigger chore putting them all back in.  That was the first time take the new ones in my ears out.  And the Eldest had the joy of putting them back in for me.  At first, he said they wouldn’t go and I was a bit upset.  But, we finally got them all back in.

[img attachment=”2029″ align=”alignleft” size=”medium” alt=”This machine kept sounding an alarm. Wouldn’t shut up!” caption=”This machine kept sounding an alarm. Wouldn’t shut up!” /]









And I think in this picture, I’m out like a light.  Not sure. 
At the end of the night, they take my BP one last time. 156/96. They say it’s still high but I’m try telling the nurse that’s closer to my normal. She takes off after I tell her that.  Then comes back with discharge papers and says the doctor says it’s okay to let me go since it’s closer to my normal.  They give me the usual spiel.  Rest, follow up with your regular doctor.  I ask what the doctor thought, if anything.  Episodic headache with acute dizziness.  Hmm, tension headache with dizziness …. *shakes head*  However, on the paperwork they gave me there was an actual warning to see my doctor ASAP.  I’ve not ever seen a warning before.  I didn’t quite know how to deal with that issue, as I’m between doctors right now.

So, today I check the Patient Portal for the lab results.  Abnormal EKG and elevated lymphocytes.  I break down and make an appointment with the dreaded Dr. Bell one more time.  He’s the only one that I know that I can get into see right away.  And that’s where it all stands as of right now.  Appointment in the morning at 9 am.  He’s supposed to go over everything with me and explain what it all means.  I hope that exactly what he does. 

For now … time to try and rest.  G’night!

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