This is a Test …

Primitive living is not easy on the chronically ill. At least, not on this chronically ill person.

Am feeling myself growing weary of this situation by the day. Am over it. Ready to just get back to everyday living. I won’t soon take for granted creature comforts. Will count my blessings. Just get us hooked back into modern day living once again.

Our generator is on the fritz. It won’t stay running more than 15 min. at a time. And we can only run water or sewer on it nothing more. Prioritize, our landlord says. Well, we are and it still won’t stay running. We get enough water to last half the day and it shuts off. Then it won’t start again until the last half of the day so we can do it all over again. Forget fans or trying to stay cool in 90 plus degree weather. “You are in Florida…” the landlord tells me. Hmm, a clue? I haven’t missed that fact, Sherlock but, it would be nice to beat the heat and run a fan or two, you prick. My body doesn’t regulate its own temp well, so a fan or five would be helpful for everyone inside this sardine can of a house.

Since the landlord doesn’t care, Sister’s boss does and has supplied us with a backup generator to run fans and whatnots throughout the house. So how very kind of him! We were able to run fans last night and slept much more comfortably.

A test of body, mind and spirit. A test I’m not fairing well in but, am surving only because I have my Sister and Nephew to lean on.

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