Time to get Busy!

Last year around this time I weighed 193.  I was ill, and the meals on wheels food that was being delivered was so awful, my dog turned his nose from it.  This year however, I’m eating some of the best home cooked comfort food in the South and it’s showing everywhere!  It is time to make a change for the betterment of my health.

I had started making little changes here and there a few months back when I found out I was a type 2 diabetic.  Plus, I hadn’t been sleeping well since around May.  The sleeping problem still plagues me but, I’m finally back up to 6 hours a night.  There for a while I was running on 2 to 3 hours of sleep in a 24 hour day.  That’s not enough for the body to repair from the day. 

I limited my bread, and pasta intake drastically.  I stopped drinking sodas, even diet ones, to every now and again.  I drink more water now than I ever have.  Of course all that water has cut my caffeine intake down as well.

For now, this is my current walk route …



I walk the drive way when I am alone because I’m simply too afraid to get out beyond the gate and fall or have a dizzy spell.  It’s possible I could get too far from the house on my own and not be able to make it back.  Like I said, that thought frightens me so I stay close to home when I’m alone.

Down to the nitty-gritty!  The part I don’t like at all … showing my actual size and starting weight.  Ugh!  But, I need this out there to hold myself accountable.  So … here goes nothing.

Beginning Weight


(Pardon the “just rolled out of bed” look.  Wasn’t feeling well)


And it’s amazing what you can find in your very own yard when you make 18 laps around the driveway! 


  • My dog Jax (Yorke) and my Sister’s dog Elliott ( Pit Mix) looking at something.
  • Caterpillar the dogs were looking at.
  • Kumquat
  • Random heart-shaped leaf.
  • Banana tree bloom with tiny bananas in the back.

That concludes this weeks round of my weight loss journey.  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and be safe this New Years Eve.  Cheers!


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