Trying to Find Our Groove.

Moving a home into an already established home is no easy task, I don’t care who you are.  Perhaps I’m the only one who remembers the overly nice chimp-muck brothers on Saturday morning cartoons.  The ones you’d much rather push through the doorway than to stand and listen to them be so polite to one another a moment longer.  

Well … Sis and I are not like this … lol.  We aren’t mean to one another either, but certainly she let me know I had “too much stuff”.  After about 10th time hearing it, I did want to stuff a sock in her mouth.  I didn’t of course, but the thought and visions were there.  As I’m sure she thought of wheeling that wheel barrow of hers inside the screened in porch, loading it up and having herself a whopper of a marshmallow roast.  You can’t tell me she didn’t …. I know her!   I also know she loves building BIG bon-fires.  I’m sure she was thinking my things would put her bon-fire neighbors to shame.  But, before she could torch it all.  I busted my butt trying to find room for everything and not make it look as if I was taking over.  

I know I’m bombarding you all with pictures.  But, I personally love pictures.  I like having the visual where everyone is at.  Plus, I’m just plain nosy like that.  I’ll admit it.  So, without further ado … I am going to bombard you with more pictures.  This time, a bit more commentary than before.


I absolutely adore my room!  I do still spend roughly 85% of my time in my room.  Just so used to it now, it’s become habit and it’s … COZY!!  (Sis doesn’t like cozy … she likes lots of room to move.)  She’s at work, I hang in my room with the dogs and do my work.  The dogs don’t seem to mind so, it’s all good.  

This is the get-up where I “work” most days.  

Not everything is put away where it needs to be.  I still have laundry laying around that I’ve not been in the mood to put away.  Tisk Tisk!  But, things are getting there.  

Next are a few pictures of my things incorporated into the rest of the house and not just in my room.

These are so cute in Sis’s kitchen!  She does such a wonderful job of placement and has an eye for decorating that I do not have. 



The antique desk and stove have found a home just within the entryway of the front door.  Once everything is situated and we have the rooms flowing the way we like I will take full room pictures.  For now, you are stuck with snippets.  Decorating with light the way I like does not quite have the same effect with the rooms being so big here.  Perhaps I’ll get used to the way it looks.  Perhaps our electric bill will dictate how much decorating with light I do .. hehe.

The red chair and basket have found a home just outside the front door.  Sis has found the most beautiful asparagus fern growing just inside the wood line.  Where it came from we don’t know.  Maybe a transplant of Matthew?  We will never know.  This we do know and both agree on, that fern will look amazing with this set-up.  Of course, pics to follow when it’s all set-up and looking beautiful.  


Her and I both agreed this little electric heater of mine looks just like an insert in front of her fireplace.  Great placement!  And my loons have found a rather comfy home in the den.

One of the few and the many we have in common is our love of glass.  My old glass collection looks stunning in her dinning room.  A real eye catcher the way she has arranged them!  We both agree this is one of our favorites.


And what is a post now days without pictures of “the boys” …. 

Elliott loves to eat sticks, leaves, small trees .. you name it, he is the goat of the enchantment around here.  He has now taught Jax that sticks are some pretty tasty morsels.  And Jax, being the little stinker he is … has to put his flare on things with this pose.  What a trip! 

In closing … around here they have palmetto bugs.  I call em’ like I see em and say, that’s a damn roach!  Well … I found this H.U.G.E. palmetto bug today and about had a cow.  I scooped Jax up before the thing took off with him!  Then, decided it would surely turn out to be a story of the big-one-that-got-away if I didn’t snap a picture.  Decided to plop a damn pink bow on that lovely bug and post.  Enjoy now!  I know I sure did!  





“Palmetto” my ass!  (Oh … before Sis has a cow … this monstrosity was found outside…. lol)  Love yew, Seestor!

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